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 About Angel Face Mystic

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.”

I love words.  They have an energetic

quality about them to ignite a depth of emotions within us.  We can use words to heal or to harm.  I offer words that heal.  Words of inspiration and unconditional love to connect humanity through writing the truth of my life.  The truth is powerful and it fills us with the light of love, forgiveness, gratitude, peace and brings healing to the world. 

I have written down words, quotes, and filled journals, with words of inspiration and wisdom that have stirred my heart and soul along the way.  I feel that part of my soul’s purpose has been to lift people up and remind them that they are loved and are never alone or separate from God, divine source whatever name resonates with you.

I can honestly say that my life has been a spiritual journey of inquiry for as long as I can remember. I was born an old soul and longed to find my purpose for being here yet again on this wondrous planet.  Yes, I believe in reincarnation.

I have been soul searching for freedom in truly being myself in the truest and most authentic way possible.  I have always desired to feel connected to the deepest truth of people I speak with and those with whom I share my life.  I am hungry for knowledge and so damn curious.  I desire for all of humanity to rise up, lift up, tell the truth and feel loved. 

When you think about it, we all crave safety and security.  Whether it is emotional, physical, spiritual, or financial safety and security.   We desire a deep sense of belonging and connection.  We want to be appreciated, acknowledged, accepted and shown affection.  We all want to live joyful, happy, creative lives. We all want love and to be loved.  

There are many paths in life to travel on and the beautiful piece is that we all get to choose the path we want to travel.  Life is definitely not one size fits all.

I was born 61 years ago on February 15, 1961 during an ice storm, a solar eclipse, and my parents, being Catholic, loved it was a holy day.  Ash Wednesday.  

I am an Aquarian.  We are lovers of knowledge, freedom,  precognition and are sensitive souls. Our element in the Zodiac is air...just like the air we don’t like being classified and we can't be contained.  We want freedom. We are a bit rebellious, march to the beat of our own drums and we love humanity, but hate people. (I don’t hate people).  

A symbol for Aquarius is a water bearer which we share knowledge with the world. A few things were happening the day I was born.  I was born during a solar eclipse which signifies an external change is coming, but the work has to be done internally.   It is also said that Astrologers say being born during a solar eclipse means perhaps we have been sprinkled with a bit more pixie dust.  Having been born during a blizzard metaphorically speaking, snow falls from heaven to earth, it is white which means purity, made from water which is the divine emotion and flow of energy mixed with minerals of the earth. 

I was the 10th child out of 12 children born into a large, Irish, Catholic family. My father was from Northern Ireland and my mother from Iowa. My siblings and I are considered second  generation.

I was named Angela by my parents.  Angela means messenger of God.  I just recently was told by an older sister that my parents actually considered the name Angel for me, but in the end they preferred the rhythmic sound to Angela Kelly O’Brien.  My mother nicknamed me Angel face when I was a wee infant.  I weighed in at a mere 4 pounds and 15 ounces.  My mother called me Angel face up until her death 5 years ago.  I honor the memory of her as I honor my connection to the Angels by naming my blog angelfacemystic.com. 

I have always felt drawn to and connected with the spirit world.  Angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, helpers in heaven and family members who have passed away are still around and just beyond the veil of this world.

I can’t see them, but I feel them and know they are near. I get signs that they are here to help with anything.

  We are not alone.  We are always tethered to our soul in heaven. 

When you live from an open heart and open mind you can feel the mystical magical world all around you.

There have been many pivotal moments in my life that led me further on my spiritual journey and one that has brought me to writing a blog.  I have lost several family members and each death brought me new insights into how to live. How learning to let go and living in the present moment has brought me peace and great awareness. When I embrace the healing and transformative powers of

forgiveness, gratitude and love I can heal anything in my life.  

I saw an interview three years ago on Gaia TV on Open Minds with Regina Meredith.  She was interviewing Belinda Womack.  Belinda has channeled the 12 Archangels of the Central Sun/Soul for nearly 30 years.  I was intrigued by the messages Belinda was bringing through and the light in her eyes was undeniable.  She often looked up towards heaven as she channeled messages of truth, insight, and love from the 12 Archangels. 

It stirred something awake that was deeply held within me.  I felt called to explore. I purchased her book she had channeled with the 12 Archangels titled, Lessons from the 12 Archangels

It is unlike any book I have ever read.  You can read it cover to cover, but it is a lot to take in. You can open it to any page you are led to for a daily guidance. It is filled with beautiful and colorful healing meditations and affirmations.  There is wisdom and healing tools held within the pages of this small book that can help you call on your angels for guidance.  

I decided to look up Belinda’s website and see if she did personal sessions with clients.  She did and I signed up to do a session.  I was thinking that it could be a long wait to have a session, but I was wrong.  I know that the angels had cleared a divine path for me to have a session with Belinda.  It was a life-changing experience for me. 

Belinda is an amazing intuitive, seer, author and channel of divine wisdom.  I learned a great deal about myself and how the Angels work in the truth, the wisdom of common sense, present moment awareness and undiluted love.

I did not know a great deal about astrology, but part of the session was when Belinda did my chart in ancient sidereal astrology. She shared information with me regarding the alignment of the stars and planets when I was born and the information she shared with me was incredibly accurate regarding my life experiences, my family and the spiritual path I have felt guided to travel upon.  I was told that I signed up to be a teacher and writer in this life.  I have always been an open channel to the angels and I am a transmitter of love, light and truth.   

I have always tried to help people lift up throughout my life. I bring through messages that are direct and honest. The Archangels asked if I had ever considered writing?  I loved to write to people on a personal level, but never really considered writing a blog.  

There is no question that this journey I am on has been divinely orchestrated.  When I kindle the fire within and listen to my heart’s knowledge, tap into my intuition and I write it down...I am being guided by my soul. I have learned to be still and to follow the vibration of those heartstrings that are constantly being strummed… sometimes gently and at other times it feels like I have been plucked firmly awake.  The 12 Archangels helped shift the direction of my life. 

The heart is the doorway to the soul.  We are here to love and to be loved.  We are here to be creative and to share with humanity the gifts we were born with.  What does your heart desire to share with the world?  Get quiet and listen.

There is a divine plan for each of us.  When you veer off course or stray too far from your purpose here, trust me, you will be guided back.  It helps to look at challenges in life as spiritual initiations or lessons you need to go through to bring you back into alignment with your soul. 

I survived by keeping myself shy, small and my voice a bit hidden.  I have always tried to lift others up by making them laugh, sharing anything and everything I owned or helping them out in any way possible. 

I won a writing contest in the third grade about, “What Freedom Means to Me.”  I wrote about walking barefoot on the earth and splashing in puddles and being in nature.  It was the first time that I remember I had ever experienced or been recognized for my writing.  I felt an immense amount of freedom expressing myself through writing.  Unfortunately, I was judged and teased about what I wrote.  The message from others around me helped shut that creative flow of words down for a very, long time because I did not feel safe sharing what I felt deeply in my heart. 

I have courageously stepped back into the puddles with both of my bare feet firmly planted on the ground and found freedom in splashing around and writing the words that long to flow out of my heart on wings.

I share what has helped guide my life in hopes that it will help others heal and find their own innate gifts and the freedom to express them.  


I am

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