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Anchored in the Light of Love

When I walk in the awareness that I am a radiant light and filled with the love of Mother/Father God, universe, source energy, whatever name you give to it, I am walking in my truth and being my most authentic self and I can connect to anyone. Love is the greatest healer.

We are all fractals of light, love, and source energy. We are infinite, infinitely complex, multidimensional beings radiating our own unique light. Everything is happening now.

How do you shine the light fractals within your own heart? I love to look deeply into the eyes of whomever I am speaking with and see, feel, know, their soul's expression shining through their eyes and connecting to their heart and listening intently with compassionate understanding to what they share and what they do not. Listen to people when they are speaking, you might just learn something new. You already know what you know. Get quiet, look in the other's eyes, listen with eyes, ears, heart, of love.

I feel it all and wrap them secretly in love energy from my heart to theirs. The power of connecting our hearts to the hearts of all of humanity will shift your life significantly. Try it one person at a'll like it. Lift up, lighten up, radiate your heart's light to all you encounter and watch your walls of judgment, resistance, and separation slowly dissolve. We are made of love, light, and peace. Speak and listen with grace and elegance.

Traveling through this world for the past 63 years, I have always considered myself of seeker of truths and searched for deeper meanings to life, my relationships with the people in my life, and the earth and her creatures. I no longer consider myself a seeker...I am a finder of truths.

Journey to the center of your heart and soul and listen to the murmurs of her wisdom and guidance. Know your worth. You do not need to seek validation from any outside source. Go within to tap into your truths, listen to the universe she is always guiding you and connect to your divinity. The path to self-realization no longer needs to be one of suffering. Accept yourself for who you are and know you are love and light. Radiate your light from the alter of your soul. Become that which you desire. Go within and connect to your joy and create the life of your dreams.


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Keep finding... I love when you shine your light!

Great image too. Did you take it?


Angie! You're writing is getting richer, and richer. I so look forward to each post you create. Thank you for your creativity, your gifts and your valiant messages! ox S

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