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What is an Intuitive Writing Session?

Writing with Pen

I have been a clear channel and spiritual messenger to the angelic realm my entire life.  I share truth and wisdom that flows through me and I share it with clients through writing. Book an Intuitive writing session with me via email.  Send me questions you would like guidance on and I will write back to you within a week.

Once payment has been made email me at Click below and follow the payment process.

  • Intuitive Writing

    Written Guidance from Angels through Angela via email
    Valid for one week
    • Email response
    • Allow up to a week

I have always been extremely sensitive and it has enabled me to see, feel, and know what others are experiencing. It helps me to communicate deeply and truthfully with people. Meeting people where they are on their own journey is something that brings me joy.  Offering guidance through my intuitive writing in a truthful, loving, and uplifting manner is who I truly am. 


My intentions for what I write and bring through are to be a living example for others to awaken to their truest self. There is no more hiding my voice and living small.  I own my innate gifts and no longer take myself or them for granted.  Words, thoughts, and actions are powerful and they can be used to harm or to heal.  I choose to use them to heal.  


We all are born with gifts that long to be shared with humanity.  Each of us is an integral piece of the puzzle in oneness.  If you feel called to contact me for guidance through an intuitive writing session contact me at angelfacemystic@gmailcom.


“The light in me sees and honors the light in each and everyone of you.”  Namaste, Angela

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