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hand painted wooden box

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Intention infused, one-of-a-kind goods to nurture your heart's treasures and help your deepest desires fly.

Prayer / Intention Boxes

I began painting handcrafted wooden boxes for my grandchildren. Each design was unique to their personalities. I noticed when we walked they loved to gather up rocks, tiny feathers, acorns, etc. I wanted them to have a special box to hold their tiny treasures. This inspiration blossomed into painting a prayer/intention box for myself. I wanted a place to hold sacred my prayers, intentions and thoughts. Once I wrote them down and placed them in the box I could surrender with trust and faith that my prayers would be answered.



Mayte prayer box.jpg

I am sending you pictures of my beloved dream treasure.  I truly appreciate and love this precious box that is full of love, wisdom and beauty.  I have inside my prayers, my pendulum, and things that I cherish for I feel and I know they are wrapped in undiluted LOVE.  I am forever grateful to you for this astonishing gift.  The more I have it with me and the more I look at the details, the more I feel all the love, wisdom, intuition and energy you put in it.  When I have it in my hands or I just look at it, it makes my little Mayte sing and dance in jubilee. I love my dream box and I have it next to my pillow.  It is a magnificent box and you made it especially for me.

Mayte A., Spain

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