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About Me

Angela O’Brien-Greywitt


“The Soul

has been given

 its own ears 

to hear things 

the mind

does not 



As a spiritual illuminator, a yogi, a gardener, and an artist, I love to write words that inspire and ignite feelings to rise up to be felt and to be healed.  The writings of the Sufi poet, Rumi, who lived in the 13th century inspire me.  The words he wrote evoke immense love and truths that are just as powerful and transformative today as they were then. His words resonate at the core of my being.  My soul hears differently than my mind and is guiding my life forward.  Over time, I have learned to recognize the feelings of truth within me as energetic currents that pulse a vibration within me and raise goosebumps on my flesh. 


Having been on a spiritual path for as long as I can remember, my higher self has been leaving breadcrumbs leading me down the path meant for me and always shows me the next step in sharing the innate gifts I was born to share.   When I slow down, listen, and pay attention to the voice of my soul, making that a habit, the signs become stronger and lead me to new opportunities, limitless possibilities, and magical encounters.  It raises the vibration of excitement in me and as I trust it and choose to follow it, I am on the path to my truest self.  My life is in the flow and it is peaceful, familiar, and I am able to melt into it.


I guess one might say, I came fashionably late to the party in sharing my hidden talents in a broader fashion…by starting to write a blog at the fabulous age of 60.  I named my blog Angelface after a nickname I was given by my mother. At that time I also began painting and creating boxes to hold prayers and intentions and to help guide others on their journey through offering intuitive writing sessions.  It is never too late to heal things in your life that hold you back from following your dreams and living full out.


A few years ago, I followed one of the breadcrumbs laid out by my soul.  Which led me to watch an  interview with Belinda Womack on Gaia T.V. She is an author, a spiritual messenger, a teacher and a channel for the 12 Archangels of the Central Sun (Soul).  She is a healer of healers. I felt an inner urging to contact her and schedule a session.  I could not believe my luck when she was able to do a session with me within a few weeks.  (It was not luck at all, but part of the divine plan for me.) 


The session shifted my life in magnificent ways.  She and the 12 Archangels asked me if I had ever considered writing?  I said, “No, that it felt too scary and made me feel incredibly vulnerable and I did not want to be judged.”  Belinda and the 12 Archangels told me I had already been doing intuitive writing my entire life and that I signed up to be a teacher in this life because I have been a keeper of wisdom for many lifetimes.  They encouraged me to begin by writing a blog to open up the faucet of wisdom that flows through me and to share my knowledge to help people find healing in their lives. They suggested I could write a “Love Letter of Truth”  for people asking for guidance.  Thus my life as an intuitive writer began anew.  


I arrived into this lifetime as the 10th out of 12 children born into a large, Irish, Catholic family. There were many rules and beliefs of indoctrination from the Catholic church, Catholic school and society at large that we lived by. The feelings of guilt, shame, and the fear of punishment from a punitive God guided my childhood years into my adult life.  I no longer believe that God is a punisher.  I have come to understand that I am an old soul and I chose to incarnate into this family not for what my parents and siblings could give to me, but for what they could not.  I signed up for many opportunities in disguise for growth and many things to heal and transform. 


My family beginnings were quite humble.  We always had enough food, clothing, an education, and a home. But there were constant feelings of lack and never having enough that translated to my inner child that I was not enough.  As an extremely shy and sensitive child, in order for me to survive in this Irish tribe I learned early to take care of everyone else’s needs before my own.  I never felt like I had a voice.  I did not get into trouble because I feared being a disappointment to my parents or God or the church or someone.  I became very good at hiding who I was on the inside.   


In the third grade, I wrote an optional essay for a school contest on, “What Freedom Means to Me.”  It unexpectedly won first place.  As winner I was asked to read my essay at the local radio station that was then broadcast over the Catholic school loudspeaker. My siblings in the 1st, 5th and 6th grades heard the broadcast and teased me mercilessly for what I had written. They professed to be embarrassed by my words as they were forced to listen in their classrooms, which translated into years of torment, teasing, shaming and berating my gifts. Such treatment contributed to the silencing of  my voice and quieting of the words coming through my heart.  It no longer felt safe to express myself through writing.  For years when I had to write papers in school, college and work I struggled. Fear would constrict my body and shut off the flow. My love for expressing myself through writing and sharing what was in my heart became buried deep within me.  


Since that time I have done a lot of healing excavation in uncovering the truths buried within me.  I am so incredibly grateful to Belinda, the 12 Archangels, and my soul for encouraging me to unearth this hidden talent.


I have always been extremely sensitive and it has enabled me to see, feel, and know what others are experiencing. It helps me to communicate deeply and truthfully with people. Meeting people where they are on their own journey is something that brings me joy.  Offering guidance through my intuitive writing in a truthful, loving, and uplifting manner is who I truly am. 


My intentions for what I write and bring through are to be a living example for others to awaken to their truest self. There is no more hiding my voice and living small.  I own my innate gifts and no longer take myself or them for granted.  Words, thoughts, and actions are powerful and they can be used to harm or to heal.  I choose to use them to heal.  


We all are born with gifts that long to be shared with humanity.  Each of us is an integral piece of the puzzle in oneness.  If you feel called to contact me for guidance through an intuitive writing session contact me at angelfacemystic@gmailcom.


“The light in me sees and honors the light in each and everyone of you.”  Namaste, Angela

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