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What's Up Big Angels?

You are a divine human being. 2024 awaits your waking up to begin to shift and embody who you truly are and why you are here in this body at this time. What gifts do you possess that can aid in the lifting up of humanity? Setting an intention with purpose to be what you seek has just the invitation you dream of for making subtle changes in your life that you can apply right now.

These are the biggest changes you can begin to invite into your daily practice and intention setting for the new year. I have written them before, but they are remarkable and will never let you down.

Let go of your judgments. Free your mind and open your heart.

Forgive yourself and others.

Be grateful for everything in your life. The good, the bad, and everything in- between. All are here to teach you and stretch you beyond what you thought was possible.

Ask yourself, "What is on the other side of your greatest fears?" We are creating our realities from the inside out. Breathe, go within, and step into your greatness for 2024. I am right there with you leaping into the great unknown. Let's see what we can create together. I am here if you need guidance. Peace, love, light, and great expansion for all of us in 2024.

Allow me to guide you when you need assistance contact me via e-mail at

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1 Comment

Daily practice is a great start for all. What a gift to ourselves at any time of year. Great insights...I could feel a beautiful meditation emerging here in your words.

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