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Spiritual Contract with Your Soul

"You signed on the dotted line...

I will not withhold my profound gifts

from those who need them.

I will not withhold

my phenomenal gifts

from those who need them."

-- St. Germain

The violet flame

Thank you St. Germain for your loving reminders to share our gifts...and for the violet ray above my head in this image. We all have a soul contract we bring with us that is built into our DNA. We come bearing gifts that only we can deliver to the world. Each one of us has a unique vibrational soul note/soul print/soul signature.

Each one of us plays a part and are a piece of the puzzle that fits together into the larger picture of life. The sound of your voice is more unique than your fingerprint. What are you here to share with humanity? Give yourself permission to begin to create in the energy and high vibration of your soul. Sing, dance, play, write, paint, create in ways that bring you unmitigated joy and unconditional love. Ask yourself daily with love and trust in the universe as your guide...What can I create today that is in alignment with my soul's contract?

Take a moment out of your busy day, find a quiet place to get comfortable or take a refreshing walk out in nature. Breathe deeply into the silent moment and listen for any messages beating in your heart. If you need help, just ask your team of helpers in heaven...Invite in the Angels, Ascended Masters, or call on your Spirit Guides. All are waiting for you to ask for their loving and nurturing assistance. Ask, "what is my unique soul note? What innate gifts did I bring with me to share with the world?"

Are you on the path to fulfill your soul's contract with the universe or have you forgotten what you signed up for on this particular mission? You are invited to discover what your soul note is trying to resonate with you so that the world can hear it too. Set the intention to discover the magical expression of your soul so that you may radiate it out to the world.

My spiritual quest for truth, connection, understanding, and helping others in life to feel loved, to be seen and to be heard has always been a whispering undercurrent in my heart. It gets louder with each passing day. This mysterious presence and deep resonance lies within each of us. The spiritual journey of mine has been an insatiable and unwavering desire to lift people up in any way possible. Whether it is by listening to someone share their story; Sharing wisdom and providing loving guidance; Making people laugh; Teaching yoga or meditation; I hold it all in saced space in unconditional love. I am here to remind people how to love and that they came from a source of love. We are what we seek in life. Be the bright light that you are. Love yourself, love yourself, love yourself enough to follow your bliss.

The word, "love," gets used quite a lot in my writing. Come to think of it, the word "love," gets used a lot when I talk to people, too. Not to mention the dogs, birds, trees, flowers, plants, etc. that I constantly whisper, "I love you," to throughout my day. I used to wonder, if perhaps, I use or have used the word, "love," too much. I have been accused of being a pollyanna a time or two in my life.

Last week while I was in meditation, I tuned into my Angels and guides and I asked, "Do I use the word love too much?" I got a loud and clear response..."It is not even possible to use the word love too much!" Choose love and choose light and watch your world change right before your eyes.

I invite you to try this practice: I do it as much as 6 times an hour. Give it a try. Say the word love as many times throughout your day as you can...whenever it comes to your mind. You will be amazed by how you will begin to feel lighter.

Breathe love

into your heart


breathe love

out from your heart

and radiate it out

into the world.

You begin to embody love and you can actually feel your subtle body shifting to a higher vibration. When I think of love, I say it out loud and I whisper it several times every hour. When I do this, I can feel my energy shifting. It is as if each cell in my body has its own tiny parachute and I feel lifted up.

Love is infinite. Love is an invitation into transforming your life. Love is inspiration. Love is expansive. Love allows everything to vibrate at a higher frequency. Love is breath. Love is life. You are loved.

Angela O'Brien-Greywitt

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What a beautiful truth. What a beautifully expressed reminder of connecting with the many gifts our hearts so lovingly want to share.

Love the violet ray in the photo too!


I love this! Especially the answer to your question. You cannot possibly use the word love too much! ♥️💓💗💞


LOVE ❤️ you!

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