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Fall in Love with Your Life... Just as it is

Fall in love with your life...just as it is. True peace can be found in accepting life as it is. Open your mind and trust the changes that come with each season and begin to see it with new eyes.

Quiet the mind and do a deep dive into your inner world and access the divine child within who is guiding your life. Don't get lulled into the distractions, the bells, whistles, and promised prizes that are shiny and new on the outside...enticing you to leave the wisdom and sanctuary of your inner landscape. The inner world is filled with silence and has vast access to the worlds beyond this mundane plane to guide you in your life.

There is a doorway, a threshold that is lit up from all sides asking you to step forward and through to see what lies on the other side. The other side holds the light, Angels, Ascended Masters, and loved ones who have crossed over ready and waiting for you to ask for guidance. They are still connected to us just not in the same way as when they were when they were here in a physical body.

Float, fly, and immerse yourself with the lightness of being a spirit crossing through that open doorway. Plug into source energy and allow the genius to flow into you, through you, breathing you into a new existence. We are divine energy in a human body. The gift of having a body is the beautiful ability to love the human form that has access to the incredible senses to see, feel, touch, and love all of life.

Embrace the uncertainty of what is yet to come. Enjoy the beauty of the vibrant colors that surround you and the energy they imbue. When nothing is definite, anything is possible. Be open to see and feel what comes next when you begin to trust the infinite possibilities.

The fall equinox is today. A time of the year where we have day and night balanced in equal measure. The change in seasons and the hours of light during the day begin to shift. A new door is opening. What will you usher in? The energies of the connection between heart and mind are powerful and felt in the body. What can you say hello to and farewell to?

We go from long, hot, summer days filled with light and the feeling of freedom to shorter days of daylight, more darkness, cooler temperatures, school for many, and busier schedules. It is a time of letting go of what was and inviting in what is yet to be. Go inside in more than one way.

Along with the beautiful changing colors, fall can also be a time to feel waves of melancholy and grief. I know I feel the energetic changes and heaviness at times. The grief of losing my sister in September of 2011 is woven into the fabric of my life. The grief has softened over the years, but pops up on occasion reminding me there is always more to clear and heal. She is always here with me and I can feel her presence.

Fall summons us to begin to turn inward and to face the light and dark in equal measure with love and compassion. The heavier energies roll in without invitation. The memories and patterns from a lifetime of experiences can build up. Now is always the perfect opportunity to go within and find out what needs to be felt and released to make room for new experiences to come. Trust that there is so much more in this world than what we can see with our eyes.

It is helpful to allow the tears, feelings, emotions to rise up to be heard and felt before you are able to release. Listen to what your body is telling you. Is there anything that is stuck? What needs to shift in your life to make space for something new? Healing any trauma or challenges you have experienced in your life is part of the journey of your soul. To make space for more we have to let things fall away, unfold, and unravel us in order to make a path for something new to emerge.

A beautiful way to make space in the body is by folding forward in standing and seated yoga poses. Folding forward in yoga is about the journey inwards and not the destination of being able to touch your toes...although that may come with practice. It is about filling up with a nourishing breath on the inhale and stretching your whole body forward, extending the crown of the head and elongating the spine and folding over from your hips, knees slightly bent, while standing or seated and letting go and releasing on the out breath.

These poses are active physically and energetically and open the meridians or rivers of energy in the body. You make space in your body while moving the energy on the breath. You are able to restore, renew, and calm down the nervous system (the fight or flight response). Folding forward helps to release tension held in the body by softening the neck, softening the heart, and opening the mind. Slowing down, breathing, and traveling inside offers access to the unseen world.

I love to imagine when my head hangs heavy in a forward fold, I can more easily surrender and allow thoughts that do not serve to empty out. Fill what is empty and empty what is full. The poses assist our bodies and minds to work beautifully together with the wisdom of our souls.

We can heal what lurks in the shadows of our awareness in a new way and we do not to resist the heavier feelings and emotions that show up unannounced. We can invite them in and offer them tea, thank them for what they came to teach, forgive them, and let them go.

Fall is a time to celebrate and honor with gratitude the harvest of what was planted this year. Not only planted in the sacred ground of mother earth to nourish our bodies, but everything that was planted in our hearts to nourish our souls' journey forward and to fall in love with our life just as it is.

Angela O'Brien-Greywitt, Intuitive Mystic

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