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Humming Meditation In the Woods

Yesterday, like most days, I walked with my beloved fur Angel, Rosie. We walked around the wooded and wetland path that encircles my neighborhood. The crunch of the white dusting of snow beneath our feet is a welcome sound. We haven't had very much snow this winter in Minnesota. Mama oak calls us to her as we step off of the paved path and hike to be near her healing presence. I always look up at her magnificent branches.

I unhook the leash from Rosie's collar and let her run freely in the woods as I prepare to do a humming meditation as I sit grounded on Mama Oak's roots with my back resting gently up against her massive trunk. I honor this magnificent tree and thank her for allowing us to be with her. I set the timer on my phone for 5 minutes. I am going to practice a humming meditation for 5 minutes under the watchful gaze of mama oak and I can feel her energy running on the back side of my heart and up and down my spine.

In this meditation outdoors, I close my eyes and listen to all of the sounds around me. I imagine all of the sounds coming together in resonance to make one sound and I breathe it all in. I sit still, breathing in through my nose the crisp, clean, air and I let out a sound, ahhhhh on the exhale...letting go of any expectations or distractions for this meditation or time spent in the woods.

I begin to breathe deeply in through my nose and exhaling I start to hum with my lips closed on the exhale. When I need to inhale, I stop humming, breathe in through the nose and exhale I begin to hum again. I follow this pattern for the next 5 minutes. When the timer goes off after 5 minutes, I stop humming and I sit in silence for another 5 minutes and I feel the healing vibrations in my body. I am calm. I am in peace. My cells are vibrating. All is well.

I walked with Rosie today and we stopped in another cluster of trees and I sat upon this giant rock to practice the humming meditation again today because I loved how it felt in my body and mind yesterday. Today, I wanted to sit on this rock to see if the vibrations were different from yesterday when I sat next to the tree.

I closed my eyes to listen to the sounds gathering around me. Today, the sounds around me rode in on the wind. I could hear the echoes of my childhood rustling through the branches and calling to my mind the child in me...playing and building a fort in the woods. I could tap into the laughter and freedom I felt as a child running barefoot on the ground and climbing trees and swinging from their branches...much like my grandchildren do in the summer i my yard. The sounds of Rosie behind me and then in front of me chewing on a branch that rested against my back from falling from a tree near the rock where I sat. I took a deep breath in through my nose and exhaled and began humming. Once again I hummed for 5 healing moments and then sat in the silence and drank it all in.

I invite you to try a humming meditation for yourself and let me know how it goes. Our bodies have the ability to heal. This is a beautiful place to begin a sound healing practice that is easy and fun. Enjoy!

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Love humming meditation, my bottom side felt wet as you described sitting down at the root of the oak for five minutes yesterday - Yikes!

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