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Intentions for 2024: Follow Your Joy!

Welcome in 2024 with your arms open wide and set intentions grounded in a new awareness and way to be in your joy! The world we live in is ever shifting and lifting in consciousness. We have the power to create the life we want and who we want to be.

Try something new this year and invite in some practices that will allow you to shift gently into a new year with love and joy pouring out of your heart and sending those vibrations into the world.

Perhaps letting go of the old idea of making New Year's resolutions. The external changes you hoped would bring you inner joy and fulfillment often times fall short. The real changes that can offer something deeper with life-changing and lasting benefits begin on the inside.

Set an intention for shifting your energy in a new direction this year with ease, grace, and infinite possibilities. Become silent and listen to the energy of your heart. What subtle messages are trying to gain access to your busy and stressed out mind? We can change our outer world by stepping in to our inner sanctuary of heart and perhaps begin with a new morning ritual.

A morning ritual is a lovely and graceful way to welcome in the new day by getting in touch with your spiritual or higher self. 24 brand new hours are before you and you get to choose how to begin the day as it unfolds into joy, love, or something else. A special time set aside in the quiet hours of the morning. An invitation to honor yourself and your journey into self discovery. Find a place where you will not be disturbed for 15 minutes and begin a or begin again with an inspiring start to your day.

Rituals offer a sanctuary for beginning the day in quiet reflection or contemplation by listening to the beat of your heart and asking, "What would inspire me today? How may I be the best version of myself today? "How may I connect to my highest self today and be of service?" "What do I need to know now? Pause in that sacred space and listen for the answers.

Rituals offer a doorway into a practice of focused intention that helps to center and breathe calm awareness into the morning. It is an opportunity to tune into your higher self to help guide your day. Make it a practice you can embrace, love, and look forward to each day. A simple 15 minute practice that invites you into checking in with your self for yourself. Rituals have a beginning, a middle and an end. Light a candle, begin with a mantra, prayer, or a word that inspires. Breathe some life into this new way to show up in the world.

I like to begin my mornings with reading, meditating, practicing yoga, walking in the garden or out in nature, or writing something that inspires me and gets me into my heart space. It helps me to focus on the things I want more of in my life and enables me to let go of what does not serve my highest purpose. I always light a candle to remind me of the light in me that is always present and it makes the ritual feel sacred. I blow the candle out when I am finished. The light inside all of us burns brightly and never goes out.

Spiritual teachings, meditation, and practicing yoga have been inspiring ways for me to access the wisdom of life around me and to tune into the wisdom that resides in my heart and how all are connected. Change takes time, but you do not need a dark night of the soul or suffering in your life to begin a spiritual practice that feeds your soul. Intention is a positive and powerful energy that guides us gently into shifting us back to our most authentic self.

There was a time in my life where I was being bullied at work for being given a position to run a classroom. My boss made a last minute switch, before the first day of school, to put me into a classroom and to move another out who had been in that position for a few years. Needless to say, this other person was not happy and began to make things very uncomfortable for me at school.

I dreaded getting up in the morning and going to work because I knew what was possibly going to happen at school when I arrived. The only thing I could change was my perspective and to lift up myself and approach this situation from a higher place. This is when I began to practice a guided meditation on forgiveness.

I would wake up early, light a candle, and do a guided meditation on forgiveness every morning before work. It took intention, time, and action on my part, to be the change I wished to see. Forgiveness is an extremely powerful spiritual tool that heals and lightens the burdens we choose to carry. It helped me let go of the burdens. Forgiveness melted my fears and softened my heart. I learned how to breathe forgiveness into the world not only at school and towards the people who were making it uncomfortable for me. I could feel the incredible healing power of forgiveness in my body. I felt lighter, happier, and I no longer carried what wasn't mine to carry.

It worked. I had to lift up my vibration and stay calm in my heart...and things began to shift. It did not happen overnight. Most things we want to change take time. We are powerful beings of light and we have access through our hearts to touch each and every heart. Intention helps us to heal ourselves and the world through accessing what is in our hearts.

Yoga and meditation have become rituals and practices for me in my life that guided me organically to stand in my own power and my light as a sovereign being. They are systems that cultivate positive change, build strength, and bring a supple flexibility into our bodies and minds. They lead us to our heart which is the doorway to the essence of our soul. Where we have entrance and an invitation to dimensions beyond this physical and ever-changing world. We are able to foster a peaceful state of centered awareness that is always available to us no matter what is happening outside of us.

Teaching is a calling I have had thrumming beneath the surface of my awareness probably my entire life. Everything I write has tools for healing imbedded in the words. I want to invite in gentle yoga movements and meditation in a way that is fun, joyful, accessible, inviting and not intimidating. Yoga means to yoke or unite all the parts of us. There are countless benefits to aligning your body, breath, and mind into standing in your own power in a gentle, kind, and loving way.

Standing in your power in a neutral and aligned place that breathes healing focus into your heart center is life-changing. Tuning into your heart space and setting the intention for 2024 to unfold gracefully and in a new way is beautiful. It is unhindered by the marketing of diet and exercise products streaming and screaming at you from all platforms, commercials, and aisles in the supermarkets. Setting intentions into healing your life begins with you. It is an inside job. Breathe life into the flame that resides in you. Fan that flame until it becomes a raging fire of transformation.

Healing the mind, body, and breath as you move gently into this new year by getting in touch with your whole self is the practice. Much like an onion you begin by unraveling the layers, obstacles, blocks, and/or relationships that stood in your way of the real changes you have longed to make. Be courageous and begin to live from the wisdom of your heart and soul's desires. The essence of you lies beneath all that you hide from the world. Come out into the light and reveal the truest version of yourself and feel your connection to all. You are not alone. We are all one.

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