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Dream Essence

The essence of my dream activated a knowing of inner wisdom and a prayer that I Am my own medicine. Our dreams open a doorway into our subconscious mind and offer us insights that can assist us in our daily lives. The language of our dreams is often symbolic in nature. When we interpret the messages from our dreams, we can find guidance and a deeper understanding of ourselves and how to heal.

This gorgeous flower appears to be floating or being suspended in a state of grace and held magically in the air. It is not unlike how the floating into awareness a creative inspiration or insights may come to us when we are awake or while we dream. I had such a dream.

When we sleep our egos are asleep. It offers an open invitation for creative and intuitive energies to flow in unhindered from a sacred space that holds all the great mysteries of life beyond this physical world. Insightful messages come to us in our dreams and are filled with symbolic language we are invited to interpret to better understand our waking lives.

My dream took place in an enchanted garden and I was surrounded by Angels. My dream taking place in a garden with Angels all around me came as no surprise. I was completely unmasked and innocent. I felt utterly free to be who I Am. The door to my heart was fully open, willing, and engaged to receive a new dream. With every nourishing breath I took in and every beat of my heart, I was ushering in the curiosity and endless creativity of a child who was being filled with unconditional love from Source.

Nature has the ability to lift me up and ground me simultaneously. It is my truest self revealed. There is a certain rhythm that flows in perfect harmony in nature that teaches me how to adapt to change in each and every moment that unfolds in my life. I am reminded to be present and in this sacred and healing flow of life.

In my dream, I woke up to a room filled with Angels and winged messengers. I was nudged awake by my very own Guardian Angel who sat next to me on my bed. Her name was Angora. She was radiant and light emanated from her entire being. I have always felt her presence, but I was unsure about her name. "I know you," as I smiled up at her and beamed with child-like bliss.

An auspicious gathering of winged messengers indeed. Amongst the Angels, there was a yellow finch, a hawk, a blue jay, a cardinal and two mourning doves. Singing along with the buzzing of 5 bumble bees. (I wondered if they were the same 5 bumble bees that stung me awake one by one in the garden last week...I shall have to ask them!)

Each was giddy with delight and drunk on nectar at the prospect of waking me up, yet again. They all felt very familiar to me. In unison they sang these words, "It is time to wake up, it's time to wake up, it's time to wake up in the morning. Wakey-wakey, rise and shine, Angelface!" I wondered if my mother was here, too. That is the song she used to sing to wake me up as a child.

"Dawn is breaking, the birds and bees are singing and it's going to be a glorious day out in the emerald garden of your heart, beloved child. It's time to get out of bed, wipe the pixie dust from your eyes and join us. We have much work and play to do in the garden."

We floated mysteriously out the window and were suddenly transported outdoors and near my secret garden shed. It has a violet fire door and is adorned with a vintage iron doorknocker shaped like an Angel. Go ahead little one, knock on the door and see what happens next. It brings us pure joy and tickles our fancy whenever your divine inner child knocks on the purple garden door.

The Angel knocker announces your arrival into the garden and we are always accompanying you. Remember Angelface, forgiveness, transformation, and great things happen whenever you walk through that violet fire door. It is a portal into our Angelic realm!"

The Angels, birds, and bees are with me when I walk through the violet fire door and help me collect up my beloved green gardening bag that is filled to overflowing with my special gardening tools. We place it in a white fire wheel barrow that has golden wheels. They encourage me to grab my cobalt blue gardening gloves from the shelves as I slip into my ruby red, rubber boots. These ruby red boots remind me of the boots I wore in kindergarten. I have to keep asking myself, "Am I dreaming, time traveling, or am I awake?"

"We understand completely why you prefer to wander out into the garden barefoot and feel her soil in your bare hands. The feel of the sacred ground and energy of Archangel Gaia is incredibly healing and nourishing to your heart and soul. Her magnetic healing energy comes right through the soil and vibrates pure love into your bare feet and hands when you play in the garden.

We all know how you long to dig in her rich soil with your bare hands, but just for today, we want you to wear protection on your hands and feet. We have much to weed and clear out before we plant. The garden needs to be tilled up and prepared for our magic seeds and we do not want you to injure yourself. Angels don't believe in any kind of suffering.

There are lots of stinging nettles, thistles, and weeds with sharp thorns. Deep tap roots filled with fear and lies cling mightily to the earth. It is necessary to wear your cobalt blue gloves of truth to pull these weeds up and out with all of your strength and ours combined to rid fear from the land. We are teaching you how to weed your mind and inner landscape of thoughts that do not serve. All will be cleared out before we are able to plant our highest intentions into the enchanted garden of your heart."

Once we were all gathered inside the shed and our tools were loaded up into the wheelbarrow, my shed mysteriously appeared to be much larger than I had remembered. A back entrance, lit up from the sun as it magically opened out into the misty morning. The warm rays of the sun were just beginning to peak through the tree branches to light our way. Off we all went.

An ornate and ancient wrought-iron fence came into view. The gate was partially open bidding us entrance. It was shrouded in a sage green moss. I stepped away from my ethereal escorts and off of the cobblestone path...just for a touch the velvety moss. I am home when I am in the garden of my heart. As you can imagine, it felt glorious. I rejoined my Angels and messengers and we ventured further down the path towards a vast garden. The garden was in dire need of tender loving care. We all dug in straight away and got to work.

I am dreaming, but somewhere deep in my knowing, I feel goose bumps and tingles all over my body appear. I feel and know that something miraculous is about to happen. We are all dizzy with excitement at the event that is about to transform this precious land. More Angels appeared and came equipped with violet fire wheelbarrows with spirals of eternity on the wheels. They will ferry away the weeds we pull out of the ground and they will send them back to the Central Soul of the universe to be forgiven and transformed back into love and returned to us.

Weeds are like negative thoughts and old resentments like rage, jealousy, shame, blame, and guilt. All need to be let go of and eradicated to make space for the planting seeds of healing and forgiveness to come in. After we pulled up the weeds, a new group of Angels brought in fancy rainbow colored garden tillers to prepare the soil for planting their magic seeds.

We work together pulling, tugging, and digging deeply with all of our might to clear out the weeds of despair, unworthiness, war, greed, hatred, and FEAR. More Angels join us with garden tillers to dig up what is no longer needed and the soil is being replenished, reclaimed, and fertilized with pure LOVE to amend it for planting our invaluable seeds of love, acceptance, compassion, trust, forgiveness, and gratitude.

The Nature Angels began to arrive. Each carrying gossamer bags made from the finest silk from all over the cosmos that appeared to be vibrating at a high frequency. Each bag held precious and colorful seeds to plant for this much needed transformation in this enchanted garden of belonging. Together we are planting seeds of unconditional love at the highest vibration. Once our plants begin to grow and blossom, it will feel like we are walking in Heaven as we walk on Earth.

Pink and ruby seeds of unconditional love began to spill out from a few bags as the Angels who carried them twirled and danced past me. The little birds picked up the seeds and began to carry them where they were needed most. They told me these seeds are from the Divine Mother. She requests that we scatter them freely so they will grow and flourish everywhere, everywhere, everywhere, in our unconditional love and acceptance garden.

The sapphire blue seeds from another gossamer bag are gifts from the Divine Father. These seeds will be planted for the highest Truth to be spoken, lived, acted upon, and cultivated throughout the lands. There is great pleasure and happiness when we learn to live and walk our truth.

Orange seeds kissed with a bit of pink will be planted in our garden to teach us that we are all here to create. These seeds are for living our lives from a place of creativity, passion, and joy...these are our birthrights. We plant these seeds with wild abandon. I believe they will be planted near the sunflowers of abundance so they can flourish and grow tall together. Each sunflower produces 1,000 that is what I call abundance.

There will be rows upon rows of green seeds with golden sparkles that will be planted to bring the feeling of Trust back into our world. Trust that we are not separate from Source. Trust that we are not separate from anything. Trust forges together our divinity with our humanity. We must honor both for what they can teach us about our true nature and our connection to Oneness. We must first weed out doubt as we plant seeds of Trust to germinate and grow. You doubt this? Just walk outside into nature and see all of the green and yellow plants that grow from Mother Gaia. Trust.

Millions of seeds in the colors of violet, lavender, and every shade of purple are thrown freely and generously in an open meadow that is beyond vast. Here, in these fields, we will grow unlimited flowers and plants of forgiveness. When we play, walk, saunter, and explore in these fields, all is forgiven. Forgiveness seeds are really needed. They lighten our load and lift us right up. Forgiveness is an incredibly powerful and much needed gift that transforms lives immediately...we planted fields of violet seeds for forgiveness to be cultivated and harvested in the hearts of everyone. Breathe in deeply, can you smell the lavender? Can you smell the lilacs? Breathe in forgiveness dear ones and set yourself free.

The essence of my dream was innocent and filled with unconditional love from heaven. As I happily and joyfully weeded and planted side by side with the Angels and lovely creatures in nature, I let the love and healing energy flow over and through me.

As I woke up and walked outside, the gentle breeze flowed and lifted my hair and caressed my cheeks. The sun warmed my skin and lit me up from the inside out. The birds flew in circles around me as I twirled with delight as the messages of what we were doing in my dream had time to sink into my soul.

I had to pause as I drank it all in. I stepped out into the garden in my bare feet, I walked to my violet fire garden door, knocked with the Angel knocker and smiled. I knew I was surrounded by Angels and messengers. I pulled out my wheelbarrow and wheeled it out into the garden and I got to work and began to weed.

The joy and sweetness of life is all there for us in the garden of our hearts. Bloom where you are planted.

Angela O'Brien-Greywitt, Intuitive Mystic

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Angie! Love "The essence of my dream was innocent and filled with unconditional love from heaven" To experience that feeling is so sublime and to realize it in a dream, lush! Thank you for sharing in such detail! Beautiful POST! ox


This is such a beautiful dream filled with wisdom and love. So magical and uplifting!


Aug 14, 2023

Angela, you have outdone yourself, or outdone your ego? This magical garden dream touches my heart with the message that all is well because you and the Angels plant the seeds of love. Thank you for being here and for being your magical self! Love you lots 😍

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