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Happy 63rd birthday to Me!

I Am Here! Marvelous words to write, feel, and know today. After a long, sad, dark, dance with Covid and influenza A....I am grateful to be alive today to celebrate my life.

I am here is my intention for today as I celebrate my 63rd year on this magnificent planet. Happy birthday to me as I dance in the morning sunlight shining in my living room to an unending parade of hit songs on Pandora.

I dance because it is a glorious way to honor my improving health and to move my body in a joyful way. It is as if Pandora is doing a special playlist just for me today, my birthday, and my life.

Music is a powerful and healing time machine that moves through me in a fluid way. Memories from different times, people I've known, and stages in my life I have experienced, float in on the music and I dance to remember this magnificent life of mine is a gift. I can't help but smile and become wistful at all of the amazing times I have had in this lifetime and how the music can make all of the years melt away and take me anywhere in time.

The heart hears and feels the music in a magical way. I feel young, connected to all life has to offer, and oh so loved. The body gets older, the skin wrinkles and the hair turns gray, but the heart is always that of a child...where everything is filled with magic and life is a miracle. We are here to celebrate life and to create what our hearts desire in the most courageous and authentic ways. Be yourself. Turn the music up loud and dance as if everyone is watching!

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Happy Birthday dancer!

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