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I Am a Voice and You are a Voice

Being an observer in life has been one of my gifts. I have always been able to stand back, pause, and observe life and people around me and feel my way into people, places, and things. There is meaning in everything that exists.

When I took this picture of this little white bird all alone on the rock in the middle of the lake it spoke volumes to me. It was a little message from spirit...time to be the messenger you were born to be. Writing is a solitary job. You may at times feel all alone standing on a rock out in the middle of a lake, but we are here with you. Stand tall and grounded in the flow of life and be you.

My voice has a unique resonance and I, too, am a messenger. Writing my spiritual blog for three years has helped me to feel freedom deep in my bones. Being able to express my unique voice has been life affirming and healing. We all have a unique voice, a soul signature and a resonance that vibrates us into being who we are and what we are innately born to share.

What do you see, sense, feel that are truths held within your being? What lights you up? What gifts do you carry that sing in your heart and long to be shared with the world? Step out of the comfort zone and live from that well.

Do you dismiss or overlook these gifts because they come naturally and easily? There is a healer that lives within each of us that is wise and holds the truth of our existence and longs to be set free to evolve. It is time to stop looking outside of yourself for the answers you seek. Healing is an inside job. Get quiet and go within and seek solace in your heart sanctuary. You are your own best medicine. It is a courageous journey to venture inside and seek the answers within that make us feel deeply alive. Be gentle with yourself and have a willingness to unfold into your truest self.

Trust me when I say, your life will change when you begin to show up for yourself as yourself. There is freedom felt inside when the voice that longs to be shared is given permission to be unveiled and revealed and brought out into the light. Oftentimes it is birthed out of a challenging time or experiencing a dark night of the soul that shakes us out of our reverie. It wakes us from our slumber and we can no longer live a life without our soul's purpose.

Begin to live from a place of truth and start to make choices that fill you up with moments you can relish and savor not lament. Invite in deep and gentle compassion for yourself and for the life you have lived up until now if it is not yet the life you dreamt of living. Be brave divine child. You are surrounded and bathed in love.

I invite you to listen, feel, and lean in to awaken the gifts that rumble within your body of light and sound. Welcome those divine sparks of inspiration that you have been showered with and invite them out into the open to sparkle and shine. You know the ones that dwell in the deepest recesses of your heart. Show up and be vulnerable. I can tell you firsthand that being vulnerable offered me beautiful and priceless insight and connection to people. I know, it surprised me too. We are all connected and are not all that different from one another.

Once you reveal the highest truth of yourself bit by bit, there is nothing left to hide and you can live from a place of freedom. Trust and know the universe has your back. Trust in doubt out. We all await to hear and experience your unique voice and creative expression. What is your truest nature that is possibly hidden in plain sight? Dare to leap into the great unknown and let go of the fear of falling and breathe into the knowing you are so capable of flying.

It is quite possible to bring healing to the parts of us that feel unworthy and not good enough. Begin to invite in your heart's longings to be heard, seen, recognized and learn to dance with your heart wide open to your soul's messages.

There are no coincidences in life. There are synchronicities that happen all the time to help us guide our way along our path when we learn to notice, awaken and begin to follow those little nudges. There will be people, places, messages, books, or insights that magically appear in your life at the exact moment you need to hear or see that particular message. Trust the divine mystery of life and let it flow.

There have been many synchronicities along my path that provided a new direction or offered me insight. When I began this journey, of writing a blog, it was not an obvious choice to me to write a blog. I knew that I liked to touch people's hearts and minds with my words whether they were spoken or written, but I never gave writing a blog much thought. It has been a new, exciting, and scary endeavor walking into the unknown world of writing and creating a website. To feel is to heal. To reveal is to heal, too.

When we allow our inner world to become our outer world, there is freedom to engage in what brings joy and releases inhibition and restraint. We begin to play, loosen up, soften and let go of imperfection. We find compassion for self and silence the inner critic. We learn the art of surrender and trust we do not need to know the next step as we continue moving towards that next step.

When one incredibly gifted friend shared this quote with me from a book she was reading, it literally took my breath away, made my heart skip a beat, and resonated every cell in my being. It was a message to me that I was on the right path.

"Lord our God hear my prayer, the prayer of my heart.

Bless the largeness inside of me, no matter how I fear it.

Bless my reed pens and my inks.

Bless the words I write.

May they be beautiful in your sight.

May they be visible to eyes not yet born.

When I am dust,

sing these words over my bones:

she was a voice."

The Book of Longings, by Sue Monk Kidd.

Another beautiful and insightful friend shared this image that Artificial Intelligence created for Angelface Mystic. Like the quote, I loved it at first sight. It speaks to a knowingness I feel from ancient times, mystical wisdom, and of being a messenger. Writing what flows through my heart and connects me to people has always been a part of me.

We are all guided and surrounded always by Angels and sparks of divine energy.

Let my carving out a path to find my voice through writing be a beacon of light for any and all who care to sojourn into their own truth and soul's journey and dance with the divine energy that flows through you.

Angela O'Brien-Greywitt, Intuitive Mystic

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Baukje Westerlaken
Baukje Westerlaken
Jun 26, 2023

Lo-o-o-o-ove the way you have shown yourself in this writing!!!😍


Your beautiful words give insight into your magnificent being. They speak my many hearts including mine. Thank you for sharing your journey and your heart ♥️


Thanks for sharing the journey from the bird messenger to the quote that radiates you. It softens the heart. Yes, share your voice.


To the center of my heart is Where your writing takes me…poignantly connected

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