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Insights Harvested in the Garden

It is no secret, if you have read any of my blog posts, the garden is my sanctuary. My garden is a sacred space where I go to be in nature. It is a beautiful and peaceful place to be. It heals whatever ails and is a place to seek solace and where I find refuge. Clarity is able to float in on the gentle breeze when I need assistance. A place where I can come home to myself and be completely unveiled.

In the garden, I can pause and listen to the wisdom of my heart as it softens and my mind opens wide unto life. Nature is the perfect environment where flow comes from a calm and peaceful place, answers are more easily revealed. I can tune in and invite the answers I seek from a higher realm of consciousness for things that need to be resolved.

The divine child in me can come out to play freely with all that life has to offer. I lean in to the good, the bad, and the everything in-between that happens in my life. Emotions are powerful energy in motion and they are invited to the surface of my awareness to be felt, seen, known, and honored and filled with LOVE. There is no hiding in the truth. The emerald green garden absorbs it all and doesn't judge me for my humanness. Anything I feel that is less than love can be transformed back into love through the power of forgiveness. The garden is healing always and in all ways. I come back to the wholeness that I Am. We are all connected. We all come from a source of love. Re-member you are LOVE. When your energy needs a boost go our in nature and fill up with her energy and begin again.

Planting seeds in the garden of my life and in my dreams has been a recurring theme as of late. The universe and my Angels and all of my helpers in heaven are always around and guiding my life forward. I do not believe in coincidences. There has been quite a bit of guidance and love from the moon this summer.

It started off at the beginning of summer with my reading a beautiful and healing book, You Are the Medicine: 13 Moons of Indigenous Wisdom, Ancestral Connection, and Animal Spirit Guidance by Asha Frost. Asha Frost is an incredible writer and an Ojibway healer. The book is filled with sacred journeys, meditations, and insights into our ability to heal our lives. She reminds us of our collective relationship with nature, earth, sky, stars, spirits, animals, and the wisdom of our ancestors. Her healing words brought me peace and a re-membering of the reclamation of my heart.

When I had finished reading the book, a friend I had not seen in awhile called me and asked me if I would like to meet her for coffee. I said, "Yes, I would love to." I jumped on my bike and headed in the direction of doing just that. On the way there, I felt a message float into my awareness from her son who had passed away 7 years ago. I heard him say, "Please tell my mom she is working too hard!" Okay, I said in my heart. Now, I do not share this information lightly. I didn't even know if I could share the message with my friend. I would have to wait and see if she was open to hearing the message and if the time was appropriate to share it with her.

I sat down at the table to enjoy our morning coffee and my friend, a fellow gardener, smiled broadly and stated, "I have something for you." She pulled out a little packet of seeds and proceeded to tell me that they were moon flower seeds from her neighbor and she wanted to share them with me. I was delighted and excited. Gardeners are incredibly generous souls. I had never heard of moon flowers and now I was getting seeds to plant in my garden...interesting moon connection.

She gave me 14 seeds. She told me that the number 14 was her son's favorite number while he was alive. Then she started to tell me that she had been working very hard in the garden lately. She lost a tree in her yard so she was digging up hosta plants that needed to be moved because they would no longer be able to grow and thrive under the shade of that tree. She was moving peony bushes to be planted in the sun that was now available from the tree's absence. Hmmm, it might be the perfect time to tell her of the message I had gotten from her son.

I told her of the message for her to stop working so hard. When I share messages from spirit in the highest truth and fill it up with love, I get tingles pulsing through my head, up and down my spine and the hair stands up on my arms. I like to call them, truth tingles. She got tears in her eyes when she got the message from her son through me. Whew, she was open to hearing the beautiful messages given to me from her beloved son. I never knew her son in this lifetime. But this was not the first time I had heard from him from the spirit world.

We are always surrounded by our loved ones. Their soul is eternal and they never truly leave us. Their form changes, but they are still loving us from across the veil of worlds from the seen to the unseen.

When I got home that day I got right to work and planted the 14 moon flower seeds. I watered them and talked to her son daily to encourage their growth. 12 seeds grew into fruition. There were many full moons this summer and the first blossom of the moon flower was under a full moon. It was spectacular to witness. The moon flower blossoms are big, bright white in color, trumpet-shaped, and smell a bit like lemon. They last one day and blossom at night time under the beautiful, soft, gaze of the moon. I thought it was pure magic.

The flowers brought new depth and insight to my garden and my heart. The super moons were spectacular in their beauty and powerfully energetic in their healing ways this summer...not easy energies, but necessary for change.

August's super moons reminded me of my resilience and perseverance. They also brought messages of new beginnings in moving forward in positive ways and breaking free of restrictions of what has held me back in the past. It was time to wipe the slate clean and begin again in simplicity and reorganize. The messages were to open and expand in trust by shedding what no longer serves and release what energy might be stuck.

Life will unfold gently when you stop getting in your own way and trying to force life through too much striving or wanting things to be a certain way. Follow nature's wisdom and allow life to be as it is. It is perfect and you don't need to change a thing, but be yourself.

I invite all to step bravely and courageously into the life of their dreams. Stand peacefully and resolutely with what life comes your way and face the truths that are being revealed to you. Love yourself with a fierce grace and begin to live a life with purpose and allow the gifts you are here to share to come fully into your knowing. Give birth to what your heart longs to create. Listen to your heart and the wisdom that comes through with the truths held within you that you can no longer deny.

I love you, I love you, I love you, and so it is and so it will be. No one can take away your innate truths and your gifts. It is okay when you stand in your power and listen to your intuition and let the creativity flow. See yourself through the eyes of yourself as a 5 year-old child with pure innocence and begin a new journey...the journey of your heart that leads you to your soul. She/he knows the way. What did your little divine inner child long to be? Start there.

Trust in the mystery of the universe and that you are being guided every step of the way with undiluted and unconditional love. There is tranquility in the journey of self-discovery. There is boundless wisdom at the depths of your being. What you seek is already within. You are already whole. It might be time to dance with the universe. Get quiet in silent reflection and see what wisdom and grace reside in the silence between your thoughts. Embrace life and yourself in a new way. Love and light. Angela

Angela O'Brien-Greywitt, Intuitive Mystic

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You are a beautiful soul and we surrender control together ❤️ every day there seems to be a never-ending layer to surrender.

Forgiveness for myself and wanting things to be different than they are and filling up with love are my reminders this week for myself.

Thank you always for your loving support.



Yes, we do share a love for the beautiful healing connection to all in nature. When we are still we know the answers that reside within.


Thank you for the beautiful wisdom. You have an awesome connection with the intuitive messages. Love your stories of when they come through and how they help.


P.S. I love the nature connection it does act as an antenna to bring through things more clearly. Plus it just shifts energy to a happier state... as I can attest from my 1.5 hour walk in woods today.


Every word is beautiful Angie! Thank you for sharing your story and for the gentle reminders within your story that resonate with each soul who reads your beautiful blog.

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Kathy VG

Thank you for sharing your heart-opening insights and beautiful support.


Thank you for the reminder of magic and: "Life will unfold gently when you stop getting in your own way and trying to force life through too much striving or wanting things to be a certain wayl" Never before is this more profound for me then now. After years of control, struggle and pushing like a bulldozer, I'm tired of it and surrendering on a new level. Your blog posts are beautiful, poignant and profound. ox

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Must be in the air surrendering the control, struggle and pushing... having some of that myself!

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