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Breathe and Be Connected to Your Light

"Our true nature is as light, a ray that does not end,

lives on and on, until it becomes

one in essence with the source of light."

Edgar Cayce

As I sit writing my 100th blog post at my kitchen counter this morning, I am basking in the glorious sunlight shining in through my kitchen windows as I honor this now moment.

It's been a bit gray and foggy here for the last few weeks and the light of the sun coupled with this beautiful reminder from Edgar Cayce's quote feels absolutely amazing and and inspires me to tune into my own light and write.

This moment I would not be celebrating had I not taken a giant leap of faith into the abyss of the unknown and trusted that the 12 Archangels would catch me if I fell.

After they encouraged me to write and to teach the wisdom that flowed through me back in 2020 through a private session I had with Belinda Womack, bestselling author of Lessons from the Twelve Archangels and Angel Abundance. She is a spiritual messenger who has the gift of channeling their wisdom. Writing and teaching, me? They must be talking about someone else.

Writing a blog was not my first inclination or the path I would have chosen for my spiritual awakening into my own divine light. But here I am, living proof this path has been paved with truth, wisdom, and the highest intention of love light beyond my comprehension. As I acknowledge writing 100 posts and do my happy dance in the rays of the sunlight, for this milestone. I took a leap of faith into the unknown by taking that first step on this writing journey. A journey that has not been easy. There were many a day I felt crippled by the inability to write because of everything that stood in my way...It turns out, I was the one standing in my own way.

The meaning of 100 in numerology is a powerful number for new beginnings, transformation and tapping into the God force of eternity, infinity, and oneness. Intuition and my higher self connect with divine guidance of the universe and help me to walk my walk and talk my talk. As I sit down to write, my room fills up with Angels and Ascended Masters offering their love, guidance, and support. Here I am writing and teaching as I sprinkle in tools that have helped me transform my life in my blog posts. Perhaps you may have noticed?

In truth, this blog post has taken me a lot of time to write and I have started and stopped writing it 100 times. Life happens for me, through me, around me, and in-between the writing and the flow of inspiration shitake happens.

There is a dance between being a human being and a divine being. We are both. Alongside writing and teaching spiritual lessons, the mundane tasks in life also call for my attention. The relationships of family and friends pull me away when they need love and attention. The evolving energy of what is happening around the world all have the ability to shift and change the direction of my thoughts, feelings, and emotions...and my writing can come to a halt and my ego gets in the way.

I had to get my ego to quietly surrender, step aside, and allow my soul to lovingly step back in. My intention for my morning practice of yoga and meditation was to do just that.

The sunlight streaming into my windows in our remodeled home office space, sans furniture, has given my yoga and meditation practice new life. The open space with no furniture and no clutter inspires me to use these tools to help me get out of my head and into my body to come back to my center in harmony and once again find balance.

The practice helps create space in my body and helps quiet my chattering mind. It allows my breath to flow throughout my body and land in my heart and find the ever-present light when that light begins to dim.

After my practice, as I lie down on my back in final relaxation pose, I place my hands on my heart to acknowledge the shift that has taken place and to touch the light that my practice has fanned. As each breath arises, I return to the eternal truth, peace, light, and presence that resides in my heart that is always my greatest guide and my connection to spirit.

I breathe gratitude into the space within me that was created from this morning's practice. Yoga, meditation, and breathing deeply are tools that open my channel wide into touching and writing the words that I feel inside and can hear from my spirit guides, Angels, and team in heaven.

These words long to grow wings and take flight from my heart and fly out into the world on the wind. Like seeds of love and truth floating in the air to land and possibly shift consciousness and open and awaken something that resonates within my readers' hearts. It is a big ask, but I am creating my reality as I travel this path of enlightenment. Go big or go home.

Writing a blog was a very scary endeavor for me and I resisted it for a long time. But I have learned that on the other side of my greatest fears was where my purpose in this life waited patiently for me to arrive.

My soul wanted to play waaaaay outside my comfort zone. I timidly stepped forward and began to answer the call of my soul...the knowing inside...the gentle nudges...the whisperings into my own heart's light.

Writing a spiritual blog has been a deep-dive journey into the depths of my fears, judgments, and belief systems. The (B.S.) that held me shackled and imprisoned for too long. Taking a leap of faith into the unknown helped me bust out of this prison of my own making and find the road to step, one word, one sentence, at a time. Breathing into the flame will continue to light my way when I forget.

 "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

Lao Tzu

Writing was the key that has helped open this hidden vault of words, feelings, and understandings held within. The wisdom that has been repressed, tucked neatly away, and safely stored in the sanctuary of my heart. Freedom awaited me. I just needed to lean way in, let go of old beliefs and trust the guidance I was being offered from the unseen world and spiritual wisdom of the 12 Archangels.

Up until this point in my life, I had lived a pretty small and safe existence and attempted to dim my own light because I was afraid to stand out and speak my truths for fear of persecution. My life has always been sharing (teaching) tidbits of wisdom, laughter, and love by listening intently to others as they opened up to me in all of my relationships. I encouraged friends, family, students, and colleagues to share their truths and they were safe and held in a sacred space in my presence.

Stepping out of the spiritual closet has helped me to grow in ways I could not have imagined for my life. It has changed my relationships with close friends and family who do not quite understand, yet, this leap of faith I have taken into awakening into who I am. Telling people I get messages from Angels has a tendency to clear the room.

I am that I am.

Everywhere that I am,

I am love.

Everything flows into the oneness

of divine love

throughout the cosmos

and the universe

all that is...

is sacred.

All I do is love.

All I am is love.

I see everyone through

the eyes of love

and the

power of my heart

to let love flow

into everything I am and all that I do.

The deeper

expansion of love,

is me,

is we,

for we

are all one.

The simple beauty and yet,

serenely profound feeling

that pulses through my cells,

pumps the blood from my heart

out my breath

through my words




are words of love

shown in my actions,

and gently

shifts my reactions.

I am that I am

and that is


Writing can be a rather quiet existence. It has been a beautiful gift I have slowly begun to unwrap. Writing offers a beautiful release and helps me to tap into the flow of universal wisdom within. It began as a trickle, but now flows freely when I surrender my ego to my soul.

Here I am, baring my soul's journey in the hopes I can touch more lives and help more people find their own journey to freedom. I invite you, too, to take that first step into the unknown and find the light that dances in your heart.

I am grateful for everything in my life. The experiences I have had, the challenges and triumphs that have paved the road I have traveled thus far to get me to this place in time. There were gifts opened along the way that have not always felt like gifts, but taught me how to feel into it all and find the hidden blessings in everything.

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1 Comment

I am super grateful for you and your super writing skills in my life!!! Congrats on making it to 100 blogs, I have seen your skills get unwrapped and show their beauty and profound wisdom. Love you lots! 💖

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