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Be Here Now

Be here now. Three very small, but immensely powerful words to live by...if you so choose. Yes, you are the creator of your life and yes, you get to choose how to live that life. Living in the present will bring you greater peace.

It helps to remember that your body is always in the present. Your breath is also in the present. Your mind (thoughts) is what takes you to the past or way out into the, "What ifs," of the future. When you live in your past and worry about the future you miss out on the life that is unfolding before you. Be here now.

The present is where the magic happens. The present is a gift.

I stand rooted to mother earth on this beautiful beach. I throw my head back and open my arms wide to embrace the present moment of my life. I breathe in a prayer of gratitude, light and love to my heart and I breathe and send out gratitude, light and love to all of each and every heart. I sink my breath and my prayer to the sound of the waves.

The waves of the ocean and waves of my breath reverberating outwards to all souls; washing in and over and through all from my heart and breath to theirs and back to me. A continual stream of divine gratitude, light and love. Awakening and connecting every part of me to everything in existence. Vibrating in this abundance of divine light and love from the powerful energy of the ocean. I inhale as the waves come towards me and I exhale as they recede. I pause and drink in this moment that is filled with grace. I extend that grace out to all...for we are one.

The more I follow my truth the less I can deceive myself and my purpose for being here. I am here to help lift up humanity. I breathe into who I am. I am joy. I am love. I am one with all there is.

Angela O'Brien-Greywitt, Intuitive Mystic

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Exquisite. Love your writing and experience. Ox


I love this line. So very true....The more I follow my truth the less I can deceive myself and my purpose for being here.


Thank you, Angela 💞

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