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The Healing Power of Water

Water is our life. We are made of over 60% water. Water keeps us alive by flowing into and out of every cell in our bodies nourishing and nurturing our very existence. The next time you sip, drink, gulp, and quench your thirst or use water in any of the hundreds of ways you do...Say a prayer of THANK YOU to the clean water you have access to. Water shares the truth with how we live our lives personally and universally. What messages does water have to share with you today?

When I look at this picture, it brings up the feelings of peace, gratitude and the love I felt in a moment, at the close of an ordinary day, back in September 2020. The pandemic was real and had changed our way of life in many ways. As I stood on the shoreline of this beautiful river and gazed out at the sunset trying to embrace the unknown. I had a knowing deep within, we were being rebirthed. Life was unfolding in a new way.

The setting sun's rays draped ever so gracefully across the water reflecting a golden walkway to where the earth meets the sky. I felt connected to everything in the universe. I was a part of this and I was also an observer to this golden, nebulous moment where the distinction between heaven and earth was barely discernible. As above, so below, as within, so without.

The sound of the gentle waves on the river mirroring back to me the subtle ripples of change I felt flowing through me. I made the choice to flow gently, like the calm water on this river, through the changes happening all around me from the troubled waters of the pandemic. I went within to tap into the deep reservoir of my own vast, timeless and eternal existence. I chose to keep moving towards love instead of fear.

Water is the musical flow of our emotions in our hearts and the key to freeing our thoughts. When we feel our feelings we keep the flow inside us from becoming stagnant and stuck creating issues in our tissues. Water has the healing power to help us deeply reflect on what is happening in our lives. Water has many faces and emotions she mirrors back to us that are also within us. She can be calm, still, deep, shallow, flowing, stagnant, sprinkle or torrential, constructive or destructive and oh, so very, magical. You can heal the waters of the earth by healing the waters within you.

Water's message to us, "I am flowing. I am health and vitality. I am life for you. Honor and respect the origins and magical flow of water, beloved ones. Water is a river of truth to each and every human being. Water is the love and life force that flows through the cells of humanity. Dive into the sacred waters of life. When you heal your life, you help heal humanity and heal the waters of the earth. We are connected in oneness. Welcome in, honor and love the energetic flow of the divine feminine nourishing all with her love."

Angela O'Brien-Greywitt, Intuitive Mystic

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