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What Can You See With Your Eyes Closed?

I shut my eyes

in order to see.

- Paul Gauguin

When I close my eyes, breathe, and listen, I am able to view things happening in my life from a fresh perspective. If you are feeling constricted and not expansive in how you feel or view what is happening in your life; It might be time to shift your awareness and try a new way to see by using your inner vision.

Perhaps, it is time to slow down, breathe intentionally, find stillness and begin a meditative practice with your eyes closed to all of the distractions that are close at hand.

Call in the guidance of your universal steering committee to help guide your life.

Make a date with yourself. Set aside some time just for you. Give yourself the sacred gift of a few moments of silence. Begin small and build your practice of getting to know yourself on a deeper level. As I write, the words of Socrates ring out in my mind...

"To know thyself

is the beginning of wisdom."

- Socrates

Just for this moment, silence your phone, put it aside, out of sight and most definitely out of reach. Breathe and be centered in stillness. Invite in a fresh new approach. Envision yourself walking towards what you love and building a sweet relationship with your soul and the inner wisdom that resides within. I implore you to not waste another minute. It is time to walk away from things or a life that is not meant for you. Don't allow the truth of who you are to flood you with fear. Take some angel baby steps towards the life you envision in your dreams.

Imagine what your life could be when seeing it through a magical pair of ruby, rose-colored glasses. The safety and security of the divine mother's unconditional love and energy. Breathe in ruby energy of receiving and open up to the flow of the divine feminine. You have access to this wisdom of the universe. The bigger picture in life. Breathe and be who you are at your core. Go to your heart and listen. After all of the busy mind chattering has calmed down, really listen in, what is the message your soul has for you today? You will know it is the truth because it feels like love. It feels expansive and does not feel constricting.

This is an invitation to begin to flex your intuitive muscle and tap into your inner knowing. Say, "yes," to that part of you that is seeking something deeper. Look at your life from a higher perspective. Fill it with the light that illuminates your truest and most authentic self and fills you with faith, trust, courage, and joy.

Begin to make decisions and choices in your life that enhance your spirit and do not drain you. If you are here, you have a life and every life has a purpose. What is your purpose for being here? Let go of judgements, let go of any and all expectations, let go of the need to know what happens next. Live in the present moment and allow life to unfold naturally.

"Row, row, row, your boat

(not anyone else's boat...your boat)

gently down the stream

merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,

life is but a dream."

When our eyes are closed we have access to open up our other senses and see with an inner vision through a different lens. It is an opportunity to call on your intuitive wisdom and insight that will always guide you to the truth. No one knows you better than you know yourself. There is an unseen world we cannot see with our eyes, but we can feel, sense, smell, hear, and know with our hearts. Journey in and seek guidance and answers to the questions your soul is trying to express to you. Take the time to get to know yourself from the inside out. It is a journey worth taking.

Close your eyes, breathe deeply, settle in and begin to ask yourself a few questions, "What do I feel? What do I need? What am I afraid to feel? What am I afraid to need?" All great questions to ask when you begin to seek the deeper truth of you. Pay attention to the whispers that remain in the silence. Widen the aperture of your inner lens by inviting in more light giving those lingering dreams wings to fly. You don't need to know how it will all work out... just take that first step in the direction of your dreams and don't be afraid to fly.

The veil between worlds is lifting and more people are waking up to ask these questions and to search for deeper meaning to their existence. We are all connected to each other and to the unseen helpers in heaven.

We have access through the doorway of our heart. When our physical eyes are open there are so many distractions calling out for our time and attention. We have a tendency to judge, compare, sort, or analyze everything we see. Then we run it through our personal perspective of all of the experiences we have had in the past. Our minds automatically begin to categorize this is good or that is bad and we can easily shut down the flow of new and unlimited possibilities that are available.

Breathe and be present in your life and stand in your knowing. Listen to your heart and stop compromising. Stop betraying yourself and the quiet truths that beat your heart and vibrate each cell of you. Learn to back away from a life that no longer fits and does not belong to you. Transform yourself and your life by walking towards what makes your heart sing.

Angela O'Brien-Greywitt, Intuitive Mystic

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3 commentaires

Such a beautiful image of sweet innocence.


Your words… simply beautiful 💖🙏🏻


What a refreshing read, Angie. Thank you so much for your heartfelt gifts! ox

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