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Meditation with Stone Medicine

Stone Medicine

Stones hold an ancient and sacred wisdom that is calming, reassuring, solid, and grounding. This stone is nestled in a hill just a stone's throw from Mama Oak (my favorite Oak tree) and I felt called to walk through the wet brush and tall grasses with my Rosie, to sit in meditation/prayer/quiet reflection on this magnificent ancient one and listen to what wisdom she might offer my weary heart this afternoon. Open up your awareness and expand out into nature and find a stone to sit with or to carry in your pocket...she will find you.

My heart was feeling quite heavy and weary from the worries of family members and friends from recent loss and current illnesses. It matched the heavy gray clouds filled with moisture threatening to burst open and pour down upon my head...I would have welcomed the rain to wash away my tears. The world is weary from all of the sadness, grief, illness, wars, and political unrest that is currently happening. I feel it all in the chambers of my heart. I came to this stone to heal, lift up, and pray for the world.

As I sat in silence and closed my eyes, I listened to the wind rusting through the brush...reminding me to breathe and to allow my thoughts to be healing and compassionate thoughts for the world. The birds singing and the frogs in the nearby pond croaking brought in another layer of healing energy. When I get too close to the pond, the croaking lessens and becomes silent. Within the silence, I tap into my own inner world of silence. I imagined my heart connecting to every hurting heart in the world and I breathed in love, healing, connection, and gratitude. I am grateful for this healing place to sit, rest, and connect. Stone medicine teaches pause, grounding, connection.

Nature heals. Nature has a way of weaving her patience, wisdom, and calming medicine into my cells. We are connected to everything in nature, to each other through our hearts, and she beckons me to her to find solace and sanctuary.

As I sit atop this smooth stone, I close my eyes and breathe in the fresh air. I feel held on this solid foundation. I feel the pulse of Mother Earth and her presence weaving healing energy into my cells. She offers me sanctuary and is a reminder to slow down, be still, come back to your center of peace and remember love, connection, peace, will heal the world.

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Your writing is of such an awesome beauty... just reading your words alone brings me peace 🌞


This is beautiful. I'm glad that you'll walk out in nature and time with this this ancient one helped you release some sorrow. And thank you for also bringing it to the rest of the world.


Thank you for bringing the stones, and nature, to the forefront of my awareness. This post is especially poignant and I am so grateful for your share, Angie. ox

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