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No More Hiding My Light-Channeled Messages

Channeled messages that came through this morning.

I am in the light of consciousness and awareness. I am always connected, surrounded, infused with and saturated in divine love from source energy. It is pure and simple. We are one to behold the light. Beholden to our light. My family room where I am writing this morning, the space, the energy around me and Rosie is pure light and love of the divine.

We are here always with you, dear be loved one. Just have to remember to turn on your heart light of love and be in that sacred space. We honor you for your work, your writing with us through your sacred vessel. We are one. You are light and love energy born of the stars that shine brightly in the night sky. Sparkling and shining down from above you. We are here. We are here. We are here.

We are the Council of Light and have come here to honor your willingness to open wide your channel. As we move and merge our energies with you for you to write and teach the wisdom flowing through your sacred vessel.

You have a seat at the table of divine awakening and awareness. You have come here to spread the news to all who are ready and willing to open to the truths of consciousness and how the precious blue pearl (planet earth) is evolving, expanding, healing, and shedding what no longer serves or resonates with her heart.

We as a collective are thrilled and overjoyed at your acceptance of your higher self and soul's mission to merge with this cosmic wisdom that will uplift humanity in pieces and parts greater than what you currently understand or can comprehend at this juncture. All will be shown in divine timing and so it has begun for real. Do you feel us? Sense our presence? Close your eyes and see us with your mind's eye. "Yes, your light and love energy is radiating and I feel the pulsation in my cells. This is what I came here to open up to receive and share from the highest honor of divine love... Source Energy."

Channeling and automatic writing is a gift of love from Source, Angels, Ascended Masters and Councils of Light. All will be held in highest regard of love and truth for the greatest good for all concerned.

As I write these messages, I can feel the truth bumps all over my body and my third eye pulsating with a high frequency of energy.

I have taken a sip of the divine (Taught by Suzanne Giesemann) three minutes of Sit In Peace meditation and connect to the divine. I also have taken a sip of the divine, blessed water from a healing water meditation taught by (Karen Crehan). I gather up my notebook, pen, blessed glass of water, and Rosie and I venture out into the sunshine into the garden to continue writing.

I feel the beautiful, light beings' presence here with me on the patio...I am grateful for our partnership that has always been with me, but I had shut it down coming into this incarnation so that I could take on the feelings of separation from source and taken on all of the challenges, the spiritual initiations, I signed up for in this life for my soul to evolve and stretch beyond what it had experienced.

I am grateful for our partnership, welcome back, welcome back, welcome back. Well come, we'll come.

Always when you are ready to step aside EGO and invite us into your heart with love and awareness, we are here to guide you forward to the next step. We are helping you get your ducks in a row. We are with you and watching you beautiful soul step over the threshold - this liminal space you have encountered and written about. We invite you back to the table of light and love.

Welcome in the heart's melting, melding (strong match, merge two things or more together, fusing) connecting us to all of your senses. You are healthy and have healed a great many things that were obstacles placed in front of your soul before you incarnated. You have traveled beyond comfort...beyond the boundaries of your soul...your human doing has evolved quite nicely into a human being. We remind you to close your eyes and tilt your face up to the glorious light of the sun, and remember how strong you are. Embrace all that you are in this present moment of truth.

We are here teaching, leading, guiding you on your writing path --your written path. Written by your oversoul--Angels--Guides. Feel the light of the sun and re-member you will continue to lead by example. Living a life steeped in the true nature of the universe and guide humanity back home to their own soul's knowing. Helping them to rekindle their internal flame, turning on their inner guidance system...their GPS. And so it is and so it shall be.

Step, step, step, forward growing in stature, strength, and standing in your own power. All is available to you with our with you 24/7...just have to remember to ask.

I stopped writing, closed my eyes, and took a deep breath in and held out my hand. I asked for them, my Angels and Guides, to place something of importance in my hand, in mind's eye the image that flashed into my hand as fast I had asked...Many written documents were placed into my outstretched hand that I could not hold onto...items I had written. I am filled with gratitude. I acknowledged the truth - I am, I have been, I will always be, a WRITER. It was time for me to own it, wear it as a badge of honor. You are what you seek. No more seeking. You have encountered your truth...your gift of writing.

Archangel Gabriel and Thoth are messengers, writers, scribes in history. The hawk is Archangel Gabriel's bird. One is nesting in my woods and calls out to me several times a day reminding me to breathe in trust energy, green with gold sparkles from Archangel Metatron, and breathe out doubt. I thank all of my messengers for their beautiful reminders of who I am and what I came here to do.

Honor, honor, honor, dear one, your innate gifts of communication in all forms that you choose to communicate.

I sit in awe and wonder and complete gratitude for this channeled writing. I thank all of my Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters, Councils of Light and the energy of Source for flowing through me today. I get up from where I was sitting on the patio in an Adirondack chair and I walk through the garden of newly sprouted Hosta. Plants that return year after year in a rebirth...just like us returning lifetime after lifetime to begin anew. I take a seat on a memorial bench for my late brother, Brian. I put my back against the tree soaking in the love from this tree into the back door of my heart. It doesn't matter where I sit or where I choose to write, I am always connected to my team of helpers.

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3 תגובות

Awesome channeled message Angela! I am very excited to see where this takes you!


26 באפר׳

wow.... wow.... wow... unlike you I can't find the words to express my feeling of awe... all I can say is wow....


SO moved by your mission work and the way you openly are sharing it with us. What a beautiful journey, Angela! The message from source, the angels, ascended masters and council of light was right on time for me for sure. I was in the dense soup and needed to be pulled from the muck once again! Humbled! ox

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