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Fall In

I am in love with the vast beauty that surrounds me when I am out in nature. Mother earth puts on quite a colorful and magical show each and every day, in every season, throughout the year. This is just a sneak peek at her magnificent display on this gorgeous fall day in Minnesota. This small grove of trees is near a pond behind my house. The leaves on the trees are lit with love from the spark of the divine.

There are three giant rocks nestled into the landscape where I like to sit and just listen to the sounds around me. When my grandchildren accompany me on a walk, they too, like to sit on the rocks, enjoy a snack and just be in nature.

I enjoy sharing the love I have for nature with them. I teach them to respect all of life from people to plants and everything in between. We honor the beauty and the power of nature to heal us and lift us up in vibration. We talk about being good stewards of the land by picking up trash and not polluting the water or air.

We close our eyes. We breathe. We listen. We show our gratitude to the plants with a kiss and sometimes we do tree pose up against our favorite oak tree.

When we spend time in nature, it refuels our spiritual energy. Everything that supports our spiritual bodies come from love...loving thoughts, feeling our feelings, meditating or quieting the mind, resting and walking in nature.

Spending time in nature with my grandchildren fills me with gratitude. Crunching through the leaves that have already fallen to the ground wakes up the child within me and we laugh and crunch together through all of the leaves and I, too, am celebrating the love of being a child in my heart.

It is the time of year when the Canadian geese are migrating south. As they fly overhead getting into their v-formation, we can hear their signature honking fade into the distant sky traveling to places far away.

It was quiet for a moment after the honking had faded. We heard a chirping sound emanating from the pond, a sound I did not recognize. As we inched closer to the pond and the source of the noise, we were able to peer through an opening in the trees. I saw something long swimming across the water making a chirping sound. The swimmer came to a stop around the peninsula where two giant oak reside and two heads on top of two long bodies popped up out of the water as if they were standing on the bottom of the pond. There before my eyes were two river otter. I was dumbstruck for a moment. I could not figure out for sure what these animals were. When they got a look at us they popped back down under the mossy green-covered water never to be seen again. I had to Google the chirping sound and to see if otter lived in Minnesota where I lived. I discovered that according to the DNR (Department of Natural Resources) river otter have made a comeback in southern Minnesota with wetland restorations. A wonderful piece of news. We learned something new today and we couldn't wait to share it with grandpa.

Get outside and walk in wonder and look at life from a new perspective. Fill up with the power of love.

Angela O'Brien-Greywitt, Intuitive Mystic

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Oct 11, 2022

Sparkles flowing down my spine reading this post!!! Your grandchild kissing the leave, you with your grandchildren honoring nature and then nature honoring you back, by showing you 2 otters... How magnificent the outer world shows you what is within. Magical!!!


Magic angelface mystic! Would love a video of you sharing a guided meditation by your trees and pond one day! Thank you so much!!!

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