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Chakra Healing Affirmations and Colors of the Rainbow

Chant Om, Om, Om

I am trust, I am light,

I am connected to the divine

Crown Chakra (top of the head)

I am open and I trust my intuition,

I expand my awareness through my highest self

3rd eye chakra (point between the eyebrows)

I speak my truth and use impeccable words

I listen deeply

Throat chakra ( blue color, throat to the top tips of the ears)

I love myself and I live with an open heart

I radiate love and forgiveness

Emerald green meadow

Heart chakra (breath, element is air, lungs, heart)

I embrace and stand in my power

Digestive fire

Third Chakra (will power, solar plexus)

I use my creative, sexual, and sensual power

I deserve what I desire

Joy, flow, element is water

Sacral Chakra (below naval, governs sexual organs)

I feel my connection to the earth

I am grounded, rooted,

Centered, supported, safe


Root Chakra (base of the spine, legs, element is earth)

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