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Breathe and Be (poem)

Breathe and Be

My soul whispers

all day long

And into the night

Remember you are

the embodiment

of your own



And Compassionate light

I Am awakening

To the willingness

to open up and share

My innate insight

With writing and prayer

I surrender

my worries

my fears

my doubt

and I accept

the unfolding of

what life's teachings

are all about

I allow my vessel to fill up

with breath

and expand

Into all directions

and ways

Beyond what I may

currently understand

The breath is my spirit

my anchor here

I Am tethered to heaven

As I walk on this incredibly

imperfect sphere

Always connected to source

And the collective human race

God energy of light and sound

refilling my buckets

with incredible grace

Between the inhale and exhale

There is a pause

for inspirations to gather

And quietly glimmer

writing words

from my heart

with rainbow colors

and sparkly, opalescent, shimmer

The Angels whisper

with love and delight

your soul's purpose

this time around

is to teach and to write

My divine child within

is the key to opening

this purple door

into this spiritually illuminating gig

she finds love, peace and healing

all while dancing the Irish jig

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