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Magic In The Air

A fun way to send a prayer, set an intention, or make a wish request using a little ritual is to use wishing paper...or in this case, I was out of wishing paper so I used a teabag. You just jot down your words on special paper, light it on fire, and set it free to float towards heaven.

Flying Wish Paper, is something I discovered while wandering through an adorable teeny, tiny, garden & gift shop. The shop was aptly named, The Potting Shed and is located in Fairfax, CA. I fell in love at first sight with this shop. If The Potting Shed rented rooms, I would live there.

I ran out of my wishing paper and looked online to find out I could use a certain type of teabag. I always have teabags. The weight and consistency of the paper is similar to the wishing paper and it worked.

It was the night before my twin granddaughters were to be delivered by C-section on December 5, 2022. I wanted to make my prayers light up! I wrote down my prayers, rolled up the paper and went outside to light it on fire and let it go skyward. It is a way to see and set your prayers into motion and to let go. Whenever my mind wants to go into "worry mode" I change it to prayer/intention mode and am able to navigate from a more positive place and from a higher perspective. I wanted to put positive prayers and intentions out into the world instead of any worry.

My prayers had been heard and answered. My daughter-in-law came through the procedure very well and the baby girls were born happy and healthy. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the sweet additions to our family. Aurora and Lilah delivered safe and sound into the loving arms of their parents.

When we ask for guidance or assistance from the universe by setting an intention, saying a prayer, or by making a wish, we are letting go of control and putting faith into a higher power that our requests will be heard and answered.

We are the creators of our lives. Once you put that spark of creative energy out into the universe, stay open in your heart, know that the universe is already sending it your way if it is for your highest good, greatest joy, and for the highest and greatest good for all concerned. Remember everything happens in divine timing.

Our higher selves, our souls, know what we desire. The Flying Wish Paper adds the magical element of fire. When ignited it stirs awake some ancient ritual in our souls, illuminates those desires, transforms them, and sets them free to fly out of our hearts to manifest in the it is fun. The wishing paper spoke to the divine child that lives within me. Using the paper to bring prayers/intentions/wishes alive in a way that I could see the transformation of energy sparked incredible joy, magic, and excitement. I couldn't wait to share with my grandkids.

I ordered more paper online. I knew they would find it magical and would be open and willing to try it with me. They were all in! I invited them to join me in this sweet little ceremony. What can I say, kids get me. I am grateful that they do. I gathered some of my grandchildren around the kitchen counter. The ones who could write, wrote down their wishes on this magical paper. I wrote down the wishes for the younger ones who can talk, but are not yet able to write.

Each child was able to do the next few steps. The paper needed to be crumpled up into a ball and then rolled out flat again. Next, I wrapped each one individually around my pointer finger into a tube-like form that would enable it to stand on the platform (included in the kit) in order for me to safely light it. We went outside and I put one tube at a time on the little platform and lit it on fire. (Warning: Adult usage and supervision only). As I lit each child's wish paper, we watched in awe and amazement as their wishes flew freely, caught up on the wind, and carried to the heavens above. Pure magic!

Listen to your heart and follow its guidance. I knew my grandchildren would LOVE it as much as I did. They are open to most of my endeavors. We love creating art with homemade playdough, painting pictures, and writing stories. The kids don't roll their eyeballs when we talk to Angels. They sing, dance, play, and love to practice yoga poses. While hanging out together I am always planting seeds. We plant seeds for flowers, seeds of kindness, seeds of forgiveness, seeds of gratitude, and seeds of love. We hug and climb trees. We pick up garbage on our walks. We bake cookies, frost them, eat them, and share them. We pop popcorn, watch movies, and we have sleepovers. They love to play with my drums and singing bowls. We play hide-n-seek. I learn from them, as much if not more, than they learn from me. They bring out the child in me and it is a beautiful.

I am married and I have four grown sons who are also married. They have blessed us with 12 grandchildren...8 girls and 4 boys. Who knew my children were so prolific? The exact number ratio of girls to boys as the siblings I had growing up. What was the universe trying to communicate with me? I could not have seen this coming but I have welcomed each grandchild with open arms. Life and love has unfolded naturally before my eyes. I don't know how we all survived or how my parents did it. I am grateful they are my grandchildren.

We are all on our own journey in this life and creating our way as we travel. My husband and sons are not life-long spiritual seekers like me...if they are...they keep it to themselves. We all have our own path and what speaks to me and my heart does not necessarily speak to theirs and that is ok. I love and adore them all for who they are and for who they are becoming each and every day.

I also love how open-minded, open-hearted, and accepting their children (my grandchildren) are. They love to create, explore, play, and try new things. Their worlds are filled with endless possibilities and magic. I love and adore each and every grandchild for who they are and the gifts they bring to the world through what flows through their own hearts. They are ushering me along my path quite beautifully.

This life-long spiritual journey I have been on can get a bit lonely at times. When people around me do not quite understand what I am talking about or what drives my passion for seeking to expand who I am at the level of my soul's insistence.

The 12 Archangels have called me into service. They have reached into my heart and asked me to heal and expand my heart and to trust the wisdom and truth that flows through me to help raise awareness and consciousness from fear back into undiluted love. I am learning and stretching beyond what I knew to be possible. I am grateful for what they have taught me thus far. As I taught my grandchildren to say, "All green lights, Angels!"

Angela O'Brien-Greywitt, Intuitive Mystic

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So magical that you connect with the grans that way. I know they will carry these memories all of their days. May they pass these seeds onto their own children.


"When we ask for guidance or assistance from the universe by setting an intention, saying a prayer, or by making a wish, we are letting go of control and putting faith into a higher power that our requests will be heard and answered." Needed to see this today. Letting go of control in such a beautiful way and 8 girls and 4 boys all over - no accident! Love the magic I read and see in your posts!!

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