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Enjoy the Rain, It's Happening Now!

Thank you, Mother Earth for showering the land with your blessed rain. My prayers have been heard and I am filled with gratitude.

I love to witness the puddles of water filling up on the sidewalks and the street for the little birds to get a drink and take a refreshing bath. They open their feathers up and splash away in the water refreshing every part of their little bodies only after they have quenched their thirst. A joyful display.

It has rained three times this week and each one has been beyond magnificent. The grasses and leaves are a deep hue of emerald green. The many varieties of flowers and colors have been lit up from the inside and just look happier as their roots have gathered up and brought water to all parts of each plant.

The bright orange and pink impatiens' petals gather up tiny puddles of water and hold the joyful sustenance for the insects, birds, and frogs to imbibe. Drops of water held momentarily in abundance as they drink it all in before it vanishes. Nature wastes no time gathering up what has been missed. Each drop of rain is so generous and touches all...every inch of nature shares with each other. No sprinkling system in the world can compete with Mother Nature.

The sounds of rain pouring down on our parched ground and the roaring thunder with flashes of lightening brought me out of a peaceful sleep. I was awakened by the glorious sounds outside my window. I tiptoed out of bed and down the stairs and out into the yard at your invitation. You had me enthralled and entranced at your generosity.

I had to walk gently upon the wet grasses and feel the most welcome transformation and velvety softness beneath my feet mixed with the intoxicating scent of wet earth. Your gift of rain, made it feel once again, like green velvet. I walked out into the yard just beyond my front door to touch the wet bark of the maple tree as I looked skyward up through her branches. The maple's canopy allowed drops to fall on my smiling face, but kept me from getting drenched; albeit a most welcome shower. I could feel the joy and ecstasy emanating from each leaf, branch, flower in my garden and my own grateful heart was filling up.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mother Earth for hearing my prayers and spilling forth such generosity in a gesture of pure fluid act of love and grace.

Angela O'Brien-Greywitt, Intuitive Mystic

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1 Comment

was jealous of your rain...we don't usually have rain at all from May through October and I rely on the garden hose to give me what you're describing - which pales by comparison. I appreciate living vicariously through your writing! ox

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