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Into The Garden I Go...

Welcome to my garden. I write, meditate, practice yoga, and garden out here. Both Rosie and I can roam freely in the yard and in the woods. We both are quite content to spend countless hours of time in our urban oasis. When you can lose all track of time doing what you love...go there as often as possible and invite your inner child to come out to play.

Being in the garden, especially early in the morning, brings me into a meditative state quite naturally. I feel calm and connected to everything all at once and I can breathe deeply, freely, and totally be my most authentic self. The garden heightens my senses. Transformation and healing organically happen when I am in the garden surrounded by the elements. I have awakened the teacher within me and what surrounds me. I am like a child filled with awe and wonder.

Walking in the garden and on the lawn in my bare feet is a joy and a healing experience. By standing and walking barefoot on the ground, I easily can draw in the grounding energy of Mother Earth. Earthing is a practice I have cultivated into my daily rituals...especially after or during a rain shower.

The more I practice, the more I want to practice. Walking barefoot on the earth is an easy way to usher in a gentle meditation practice that brings inner peace and helps to slow down the mind and the body.

When you bring your body into a mindfulness practice, like a walking meditation, the mind will follow. Practice noticing how you feel when you walk barefoot on the ground, follow your breath, and observe the pace of nature. Give the gift to yourself. Be kind. Be patient. Keep breathing and allow Mother Earth to guide you home to your peaceful center.

Walking Meditation

Step out onto the grass in your bare feet. Feel the earth supporting you. Focus on your breath. Breathe in through the nose and out through the nose. Gaze forward and down. You can clasp your hands gently at your lower back or keep them by your sides.

As you begin to walk, really feel your feet as they touch the earth. As you walk feel each part of your foot gently touching the earth...lifting the heel, the ball of the foot, and then the toes as each part connects to the ground. Go slow. Sense the grass beneath your feet. Observe your breath as you slowly walk. Don't judge anything that occurs. When a thought arises, let it go and bring your focus to the sensations of your feet and follow your breath. Begin to tune into your inner world.

Explore how slowly you can walk. Lift one foot on the inhale and place it down on the exhale. Inhale one step and exhale one step. Listen to the sounds of nature all around you. Be in the moment and become the container to receive all of the sounds, sensations, and insights that come to you. Expanding your awareness takes time and practice. It shifts from the ego to your connection to something larger.

Go outside and play with a walking meditation. I would love to hear from you beautiful readers.

P.S. The first time I did a walking meditation in my yoga teacher training it was so hard. I could not slow down my thoughts or my body. No one in the class could. It takes time and patience to slow down. Practicing outside in nature helped me a great deal. I began to match my pace, my breath, and my steps to the the pace of nature.

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Love the photos - love the explanation of walking meditation and feel like I'm with you in your garden taking in the experience with you and Rosie!!! oxox

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