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Connecting With Angels and Guides

As I sit on my doorstep ready to do a writing session, I pause to take in and savor the beauty of the morning. I am grateful to feel the soft cool breeze against my skin while I gaze at the lush lawn, marveling at the balancing act of the dew drops delicately perched on the ends of each blade of emerald green grass. I am surrounded by the alluring colors of red, pink, and orange begonias blooming in my flowerpots and window boxes. They are gorgeous and never fail to draw me in and bring me endless joy. Their energy illuminates my heart with creative inspiration and connection. Being alive and to be immersed in nature's high frequency of love lifts me into a place of gratitude and peace.

Closing my eyes and listening in with both ears, I hear different sounds in the left ear than the right ear. By paying close attention to sounds from both, I am able to activate both hemispheres of my brain in a harmonious resonance and bring myself into balance with the natural world surrounding me.

The morning sounds originate from the lush trees, the clear sky, and the fertile earth in every direction from where I, too, sit perched. I visualize matching the melodies of the birds singing with mental images I recognize. The mated cardinals are always together. The females are adorned in pale brown plumage with hints of orange, alongside their vibrant red male mates. Gray chickadees with black caps chime in with their signature "chick a dee, dee, dee" while gracefully flying, harmonizing with the soft calls of the golden finches gliding above me searching for nearby thistle to eat for breakfast.

A loud buzzing sound joined in the symphony of sounds and the subtle feel of tiny wings fluttering near my face combined with a loud splash in the nearby birdbath shake me momentarily from my reverie. Both simultaneously prompting me to open my eyes for a quick glance at a magnificent bumblebee checking me out and to giggle at a huge red-breasted robin unabashedly spilling water over all of the edges of the birdbath with gleeful determination. Every plant, bird, animal, and insect is welcoming the day in their own way with unconditional love and the feeling of peaceful connection.

The image above is me holding my hand open to receive. It is a sweet way to get a message from your spiritual team. I encourage you to seek a peaceful location in nature or sit by a window where you can observe nature. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths in to connect to your heart center. When you feel calm and peaceful in your center, ask your Angels and Guides a question you need help with. "What is it that I need right now?" Open your hand and request them to reveal the answer to you by placing an item in your hand. The vision will be swiftly presented to you. Trust you are being lovingly guided towards what you require in this present moment.

Take a journal and start jotting down what you observed being placed in your hand or describe the sensations you experienced. The Angels and guides are ready for you to seek their help. Have faith that the universe is willing to provide you with what you desire, as long as it is for your greatest good and highest joy and good for all.

My morning writing ritual commences amidst the serenity of my garden, where I harmonize with nature and commune with my celestial support system: my Angels, my highest self, and my guides. By shutting my eyes, I delve inward to perceive, feel, understand, and intuit the answers I seek in the present moment, transcribing them onto paper. Each day is a new opportunity to begin again to connect to your highest self.

My message from my Angels today is,

"Be not afraid. You are surrounded and protected. Shake off this mortal suit and fly on wings. Be the light and love that you truly are and remember to open, expand, and receive. Know, welcome, and understand the flow.

When everything softens around me and there is a definite change to the energy in my home or garden, it is time to connect and write. There is a presence of energy that is filled with a loving, flowing, white light of peace that is tangible. It flows in, spiraling up and through me and out of the top of my head and cascades down all around me. I am reminded all beings are filled with light, sound, and truth. There are still sleepy ones that have not woken up to remember where they come from and how incredibly gifted each being is.

Archangel Gabriel touched my heart and inner child to ignite the longing to convey messages of love, connection, and oneness. I want to live in a world where everyone feels at home, understood, seen, acknowledged, loved, and connected to source energy - creator's heart.

I have always been with you little one. I see you. I encourage you to write. I love you. I offer you guidance. When your words touch other's hearts, my love for you, and for all, flows through you. You have always had the ability to see, feel, and know clearly what other people needed in the moment. You meet them in a loving, nonjudgmental way where they are. You make people feel seen, heard, and cared for.

Continue to offer your words that flow through your heart and soul to reach into the barren fields and forgotten crevices where shadows often hide out of sight, truly hidden, and imprisoned. Shadows need to be brought out into the light to be heard, seen, forgiven, and sent packing to source. Source transforms the shadows into a fairy dust filled with love and sprinkles it transformed back into your dreams. When you awaken you will be refreshed and renewed.

Truths set you free to be your truest self unbidden. Where you are able to stand in your life with peace and centered awareness. Know your purpose and be able to flourish and draw things to you...all good things for your highest good and greatest joy for all concerned. And so it is. And so it shall be. All is seen. All is heard. All is acknowledged in this time and all times past, present, future. Love is good. Love is a powerful gamechanger. Love is all there is."

Thank you Angels, Guides, and beloved readers of my blog.

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2 comentarios

Love the listening with both ears to activate both sides of the brain. Great message.

I agree … you make people feel seen, heard and cared for.

Me gusta

Beyond beautiful Angie...just lush with grounding and goodness. Thank you!❤️

Me gusta
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