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Chakra Meditation at Mama Oak (video)

After several nudges from dear friends, my Earth Angels, asked me to publish a guided meditation in some of my favorite places in nature.

This first recorded impromptu meditation, I did on a walk with Rosie and we stopped and sat next to Mama Oak. Rosie is crackling through the crunchy leaves in the background.

Breathe. Connect. Enjoy.

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5 Kommentare

So beautiful and healing. The words are delightful and your voice is so soothing. Thank you 🙏💖🌸 oh and this is Katy, not sure why its showing a weird email address. Much love ❤️

Gefällt mir

yes!!! yes!!! yes!!! I am having a private celebration here! This meditation s sooooooo awesome!!! Just like you are my dear Angela. Love - love - LOVE IT!!!💕 💜 😍 👩‍❤️‍👩 💞

Gefällt mir

Love it so much!!! 💓

Gefällt mir

Awesome amazing, love it. Thank you ✨💖👼🏼✨

Gefällt mir

Yes! Yes! Yes! It is so you. So fitting that it is in 🌳 nature. So real. The crunchy leaves🍁 just make it authentic. Thank you! Looking forward to listening to this in the mornings ☀️ until you send the next one.

Gefällt mir
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