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I am a messenger sent to remind people about love. Love is the greatest vibration there is. When you plug into love, it can heal anything and everything. Love is the great equalizer. No one can take your love or your ability to love, away from you. Love is a power unlike any other. Everyone was born from love, connected to all through love...all there is, is love.

Surrender your ego. Imagine it lying down at the feet your of your soul and inviting your soul to guide your life. You are a divine light being. You are so loved.

Sit up tall and breathe, align your body with your soul and connect to your higher self. The part of you connected always to heaven. The part of you that knows no separation and only knows love. Fear is an illusion and the opposite of love.

Begin to listen to the truth that beats at the center of you...your heart knows. Your heart feels the subtle truths that flow out of you. Breathe and call back the knowing of undiluted love. Our job here is to forgive without hesitation and transform anything and everything less than love back into love in all ways.

We are here to share our gifts. What gifts were you born with that you take for granted? It is time to come out of the shadows, stop living small and stop hiding your gifts. Come out, share and be seen. I say this to you, dear beloved readers as I remind myself to do the same.

I am reminded from my spirit guides and the ascended masters to not be afraid to write the truths that flow through my words as I write. I honor myself for sharing the wisdom and truth that resides in the recesses of my heart and I am to wear them like a sacred cloak, a mantle of protection in light and love. When I feel tingles running through my senses and just under my skin, I know it is the truth and I am connected to spirit and it is time to share. I open up the gates of wisdom and allow the surge, the torrential outpouring of my writing to flow forth. Fear not, fear not. Do not fear your words because we are holding you in an embrace of purest knowing, highest truth and love. When you speak the truth, it is like a delicious fruit that tastes sweet on your lips and flows out of every pore of your being.

Peace be with you. Peace is you. May you exude peace in every situation. You are touched by love I can see it in the light in your eyes. Allow. Feel. Trust. Accept. Know. We are here to love. We are here to forgive. We are here to be grateful and to share our abundance and creativity with others. May we keep moving towards a life without war, where all are honored for who they are. May we live in a benevolent community that celebrates our similarities and honors our differences. May love inspire every word you utter and may love light each and every step you take. Allow the whispers of your heart to fill you up with the knowingness that you are never separate and you are always loved.

Listen to the divine child that lives in your heart and looks just like you did as a small child. That divine child is you. She/he is courageous. She/he knows the way. She/he will set you free on your own path to self-actualization and remembering who you are at the core. She/he is the key to unlocking your subconscious mind, healing it, and setting you free. She/he walks with you through your life in truth, guidance, integrity and love.

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