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What is the soul?

The soul is the part of us that is tethered to heaven as we walk on mother earth. Where we came to learn and experience oneness. It always vibrates at the frequency of heaven. The soul is always the truth within that guides our actions with the purest of intentions. Our soul has the answers. It always knows.

The soul is us at the deepest, most loving level of knowingness and our constant connection to source. We have not been abandoned. We are always connected. The soul will not lead you astray. The soul never leaves. The soul communicates to us in the quiet murmurs, the nudges of intuition to go this way and not that way. The whispers of wisdom that resonate from the heart that will help you remember why you came back to earth.

The soul is your answer to finding your purpose and to share your beautiful gifts with humanity. Each one of us is needed to fulfill the contract of our soul.

When we get quiet and centered with the intention to communicate with our soul there are many invisible helpers in the realm of spirit, ancestors, ascended masters and angels that are here to help guide us to our truths. The unseen mystery of the universe is waiting for you to ask your soul the questions. It is not an easy journey, but once you are on the right path to communicating with your soul that hole that you may feel inside or the feeling of being lost will evaporate and you will find your purpose, your joy, a renewed sense of being alive.

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