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What Is Around The Next Bend...I Don't Know

The beautiful notion of living in the present moment is that we do not need to know what is up around the bend. We can begin to trust that all will be well no matter what happens. We can plan, we can dream, we can scheme or we can be anxious about what happens next. We can continue to ask the question, "What does the future hold?" But it is all a mystery waiting to unfold around us. Breathe, allow, step into the unknown...every day. Life is eternal and there is so much we need to experience and learn while we are here.

I can't predict what comes next in my life. It shuts down the unlimited potential and endless flow of possibilities that come from my soul. I am open to the gifts of my soul and I let go of my ego mind trying to control everything. Talk to your soul and ask for clarity with any problems you are experiencing and ask for solutions. All solutions are directed and given to you by your soul, your higher self, your helpers in heaven. It takes strength and courage to ask, but when it feels right in your soul, you have the answers you seek. You are a powerful being. Listen to that voice within to guide you with clear, truth and loving answers. Ask your soul to show you what the next step is.

I can choose to live in the past because that is what I have experienced, what I know and what I have come to expect. Or I can look forward to what the future might hold for me and try to plan it all out ahead of time. But when I let go of expectations I can find peace when I live in the present moment. The truth of it is, no one knows what the future holds or what is up around the next bend. Nothing is ever certain. I embrace the unknown with gratitude. Life has the ability to change in the blink of an eye.

It is human to get impatient and having the desire and the need to know exactly what happens next. We try to avoid suffering. Some lessons in life are painful and needed for us to get so uncomfortable that it is unavoidable to face. The dark night of the soul. I have had plenty of these in my life. Each have altered the course in my life where I thought I was going and how I was going to get there. I had no choice but to surrender and to feel everything that I was feeling. I learned to keep asking the question, "What is this teaching me? Instead of why is this happening to me?" Keep asking, "Where is the gift in this lesson?"

When I feel the discomfort, constriction and the stress of wanting to know the answers I simply must stop, notice and breathe deeply into the areas in my body that feel tight. I breathe deeply to make space in my body and my mind to expand and shift. Shift takes time. Is the resistance I am feeling in my body or is it resistance in my mind? I must be gentle, soft and loving in this new space that has opened up within me. This space for imagination and miracles to flow through enabling me to invite in something brand new. A new way to show up in the world. Allow and observe.

Listen, touch, feel, smell and whisper today the gifts that lie within your soul. The entire world awaits your gifts to be opened and shared. Be open, wait and see what is around the next bend in your life without having to know all of the answers.

Thank you Susan Gold for your inspiration on what is around the bend...

Angela O'Brien-Greywitt, Intuitive Mystic

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Jul 18, 2022

wow.... 😍😍😍 what a way with words you have... so beautiful... so elegant... just... wow...


Thank you for your courage in sharing this beautiful and powerful message, Angie 💖

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