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Water Is Sacred

As I sit quietly on this rock, with my eyes closed, I hear the waves crashing powerfully and majestically into the shore. I am drawn in by the healing sounds of the waves, their power, the continuous movement, and the vastness of the Pacific Ocean just beyond where I sit in reverence and meditation. I find myself incredibly grateful to be here now.

Water is a life-giving elixir that we all need to sustain life. The sounds of water are meditative and each body of water has a different quality and sound. But in this moment, I am here breathing into the salty air of the Pacific. I love the ocean.

As I breathe in, I know the water is rushing into the shore and as I breathe out, I can hear the water recede and go back out into the Pacific Ocean. I sync my breath to the flow of the water and I travel inwards to touch the peace and calm within the water of my own body. The powerful sounds of the waves match the sounds of my breath. I inhale the waves come to the shore, I exhale the water returns to the ocean. I sit here for several minutes breathing in the waves and breathing the waves back out to sea...allowing the sounds of the water to wash over and through me, connecting me to my breathe, connecting me to my spirit and to the frequency and meditative flow of the water. I turn my face towards the sun and I drink in the healing, magical, sounds of the water.

Tuning in I hear the words, I love you, I love you, I love you and so it is, always. Begin your day dear, be loved one, saturated in the love for your precious life. Your chosen existence in this life. Be one with all there is and flow in the waters of your own love and life. Be here now in the flow of your life. Honor the water that flows within you as it flows all around you.

Water is the universal solvent. It is life itself. Water is flow, emotions, feelings, communication, creativity, and intuition. Do you want to hear your intuition? Feel your feelings. To feel is to heal. Open up the faucet of you and let it flow naturally...even if it is only a trickle...let it begin to flow. When we hold onto our emotions we can become stuck, stagnant, and physically ill. Allow the flow to dissolve any blockages you may be holding onto.

Water nourishes each and every cell within our bodies and is the frequency of the love of the universe. Flow with who you are authentically. No more questioning with your mind. Be in the knowing of your own heart and flow in and within all living things. For we are one...always, in all ways, forever eternal, forever divine. Touched always by Angels and Ascended Masters guiding you. You are the energy of love that permeates all cells, your essence, your divine spark is love, pure, and simple. Water is love from the divine source of abundance.

Live an intentional life in all ways. Set the intention to flow in the know of how the universe works with us and not against us for we are one. Bless the sacred water held within the essence of you nourishing, blessing, filling you with wisdom, truth, and unconditional love.

I have been blessing and charging the water I drink on a daily basis. I fill a glass vessel with clean, clear, filtered water. I let it sit in the sunlight for a few moments to charge the water. I bless the water I am going to sip on throughout the day. I drink sips of water mindfully and with reverence. I ask for the highest intention for radiant health and overflowing abundance in my life. I visualize a deep nourishing love to be infused in the water to activate the frequency to uplift and shift the vibration and match the water in the cells of my energy body.

Water quenches our thirst for life, fuels our bodies and thoughts and every sip can be a reminder to respect this precious resource and ourselves. Each divine sip of blessed water is a blessing to myself. (This practice has been modified and adapted to my life from a teaching I learned from Delores Canon.)

Do you take water for granted? I know I have taken water for granted at many times in my life. I truly never gave it much thought.  It has always flowed easily and readily from the faucet. I have always had access to clean, clear, fresh water for drinking, bathing, washing clothes, washing dishes, washing anything and everything that needs to be washed, watering plants, gardens, yards, cooking, flushing the toilet, swimming, etc. I use water many times throughout the day.  I am incredibly grateful to have access and to live in a place that has plenty of fresh, clean, water. There are many places in the world that do not have access to fresh, clean, running water. I make it a practice to thank the water that I use whenever I turn on the faucet or the shower.

We all need water to live. Water sustains our lives in a myriad of ways and every drop of water as traveled around the world and touched all of our lives intimately...thousands of times. Water flows continuously within the earth and her atmosphere through the stages of a complex water cycle. Simply stated, water evaporates into a water vapor, forms clouds by condensing, then through precipitation it returns to the earth as snow or begin anew. Magically created and designed. Water is a bridge to life and living with intention. Honor the sacredness of water and all of nature. She will save your life over and over and over again.

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"I inhale the waves come to the shore, I exhale the water returns to the ocean." I'm gonna take this into my own meditation practice even though I'm not sitting by the ocean today. What a powerful sensation. What a lovely post and magical photos! Thank you so much richness here Angela! ox

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