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Vibrations of Love

Vibrations of Love

I woke up with the word LOVE in my thoughts. I was feeling completely absorbed by its powerful, rhythmic, thrumming as it radiated through me. I imagined it floating and flying freely on tiny wings in the air swirling magically around me and into my thoughts and the feeling came to rest in my heart. When I feel all of that love in my heart, I feel the need to place my hands over my heart as a gesture of gratitude and reverence, and in a way to ground myself. I breathe deeply into my hands and heart space and thank God and the angels that I am alive. I love my life more with each passing day. I find myself, having to remind myself, that time is an illusion and I have enough time to do what I love to do.

Every night this week, I couldn’t really tell if I was awake or if I was dreaming. I was in this liquid space with no boundaries. The vibration of love was surfing in this graceful fluidity within and began pulsating in my cells. I could feel and sense it flowing through the permeable cell walls. Every piece of us from the outer layer of skin to the innermost essence is permeable. Allow that vibration of love to pulsate and permeate your being. What do you allow in and out?

I am an Aquarian (water bearer) and I live in Minnesota where there are over 15,000 lakes. I love water. I am surrounded by lakes and they are one of Nature’s healing gifts of love. Lakes offer us a hypnotic tranquility that have the power to cleanse and distill thoughts when you listen to the waves as they meet the shore. The sound of waves from any body of water is intoxicating to me. I could feel love wafting through me like the liquid, rhythmic, cadence of waves from a lake lapping gently over and over again at the shoreline.

There is a brilliant synergistic energy of being in between the states of dreaming and wakefulness. It is a place I find myself in more and more as of late. It is a precious time that is pregnant with possibilities and ideas waiting to be birthed. This magical time for creating is free from the boundaries of my fully awakened state and is filled with unconfined wanderings and soulful murmurings.

I can not see the vibration of love, but I can feel it and I can sense it. The aliveness that connects me to everyone and everything. You can not hold onto to love and possess it. It is a vibration that is stronger than anything. Love is alive. Love is your breath, the reverberation of your beating heart, your soul’s language and it’s longing to be brought out into the light. Love is who we are divinely designed to be. Love is something we are meant to share.

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1 Comment

Mar 26, 2021

Sweet Angie, your writing is so full of love and flow... I am just in awe of the magic you put into the words, sentences and the stories you tell. You are truly a word magician!

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