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The Council of Light...a channeled message

I am ready.

I am willing.

I allow.

The light is pouring in.

The power of my soul's resonance

is mighty and unshakable.

I can feel

my connection to all.




And so it is,


We are the Council of Light.

We are here.


We have come to remind you,

that you are

emboldened by light

and are divine.

Divinity is your nature,

Dear one.

Light shines

through you.

You can move energy

and heal others

by sending love and healing light

in the colors of the rainbow 🌈.

Your heart is open.

As it




to infinity

and touches

every incarnation

you have lived

it encompasses

your soul's journey

into infinite potential

and wisdom of the cosmos.

It is time

to take your place

in the Council of Light

while you are walking

on earth's sacred ground.

Your groundedness

and vibrations

are aligned

with purity,



and bathed

in light of consciousness

and an awareness

that is vast.

Angela O'Brien-Greywitt, Intuitive Mystic

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