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Spring Renewal

I am drawn to the morning light in the sky like a fiddlehead fern slowly unfurling and reaching for that same nourishing light. I often find myself looking upwards towards heaven in awe and gratitude. This morning is no different. The bright yellow disk in the Eastern sky was ringed in a magnificent orange and slowly rising amongst softer layered hues of blue, gray, and white. Spring began a few days ago with the vernal equinox on March 20th. Spring is my favorite season. I love the opportunity to witness its renewal and rebirth.

The perennial plants waking up from a winter's rest. The new growth peeking through what remains in the garden that has been shed from last year's growing season. The buds on the trees are just beginning to reappear. Spring is a time for new growth, beginnings, new insights and a time to slough off winter and plant what gestated within and rekindled that intuitive inner light during the winter.

It is a time to plant seeds of intention and gratitude. A new opportunity awaits us to open up to the world with kindness and reverence to the changes that have taken place throughout the winter in the world and within ourselves. As we all awaken to spring, can you lead your life with a renewed sense of what it is to love? Letting go of judgments about ourselves and others. Judgments cause separation and also create resistance to the magic and beauty that is all around us in the world. Lead with love. It will awaken more life, joy and freedom for you to be who you are meant to be. Energy follows intention. Distill your negative thoughts and send them down deep into the center of the earth's core. Allow that fire to transform your negativity into light and envision that light energy coming back up into your roots through your body and watch a fountain of light surround you. Renewed, refreshed, and reawakened and ready for spring's arrival with renewed energy.

The sun is higher in the sky and it is light out for more hours during the day. Get out into the sun and let it replenish and recharge your light body. The sun gives us much needed Vitamin D and recharges our aura (an energy field of colors that surrounds all living things). Get out in nature and walk, skip and dance your way into spring in celebration. Smile and greet others as you pass them on your walk. Spread kindness. Smiling is yoga for your face. Grass is a reminder of spring and it signifies it is green on all sides. It is a time to stay soft in your heart and drink in the nectar and joy of life. We are connected to earth and the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, and everything in this world that is seen and unseen.

Let this spring bring to you a new vision of yourself and how you want to live your life. Sit in meditation and breathe deeply, ground yourself by planting your seat and envision growing roots down into the earth, open your senses to your innate intuitive wisdom. Be fully present and ask yourself these questions: What are my gifts? What am I good at? What do I love? Who am I becoming? Step into your power as a healer in your life. Ask yourself, how may I serve humanity? Earth? Community? What am I grateful for? The more you give out the more that returns to you. It is an even exchange of energy.

Be the Change You Wish to See in the World - Gandhi

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Beautiful and inspiring words! Thank you for your beautiful writing! 🌱💫

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