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Redwood Magic Where Shift Happens

Our oldest son and his family live in a gorgeous canyon filled with redwoods in Marin County, California. We feel truly blessed to be able to hike with them on this magical mountain path behind their home when we visit.

Being a gardener and avid lover of all things nature, this otherworldly landscape nourishes me and my imagination comes alive. The child within me emerges ecstatic with wild abandon and sets my soul on fire with a renewed sense of wonder. The knowing and remembering of who I am and why I am here seems to be a clearer channel whilst I commune amongst the redwoods. I do believe I have been sprinkled with fairy dust!

My heart is very much at home here in the woods. I can tune in and listen deeply to the music of my soul in the immense quiet offered here. Redwoods have the power to infuse peace into every cell and fill me up with love and joy. When I walk in nature it has the ability to wash my mind clean of any lingering debris that does not serve. Shift happens.

In order to gain access to this hiking path in wonderland, we must first descend several steps in their backyard. With each step down I seem to shed a year or two in age. One by one the years gently lift off me and drop like confetti, gently kissing the ground beneath my feet. I grow younger and younger as my spirit soars to new heights and my pace quickens. Each step and each breath I sip in, brings me closer to entering this unbelievable land of the fairies and the giant angelic redwood beings. I search for a wand painted in moss to carry on my journey. It is an honor and a privilege to walk and play here...I can only imagine the tales these redwoods could tell.

Being in this mystical space is truly like hiking in a giant fairy garden that is filled with magic. Each fallen branch, tree, and stump left anchored in this place is held tenderly by mother earth and covered in a soft, emerald green moss of pure heart. It's as if I were walking back through an ancient portal to once again discover the wisdom held within the trees and the secrets imprinted upon the land. Back to a mythical time where living in the woods meant everyone could see, feel, know, and call on the magic of the fairies, elementals, dragons, unicorns, devas and the rest of the unseen realms. My grandson is telling me tales of dinosaurs roaming here as we hike. He and his sisters run up ahead of us and stop to hide in a giant hollowed out tree stump (their moss covered bathtub in the woods). Mine is not the only imagination ignited.

It was my turn to venture off the path when I happened upon a fairy ring of redwoods deep in the woods. I was drawn to enter the ring much like a moth is drawn to the light. I looked up in awe. I could stay here forever. The redwoods are mystical and grounded to the earth as they reach for heaven. They are sentient beings that have an unbelievable ability for survival and longevity. The healing energy of love that pulses through me when I am near these magnificent trees is tangible. I lean into them, hug them, and whisper, "I love you and thank you."

A door to the unseen magical world that surrounds me has swung open wide before me. A world I can not see with my eyes, but I can FEEL with my heart and soul. I pause inside this fairy ring, breathe deeply in the sacred breath that is my life and I am beyond grateful.

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” -John Muir

Angela O'Brien-Greywitt, Intuitive Mystic

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Such beautiful writing and story telling, Angie! Thank you for sharing your magical journey through the redwoods.


Love your writing. Glad you took the trip and inhaled the beauty, to share it with us now!

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