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Puddles of Healing

Puddles invite the divine child within

to take hold of your hand

and guide you in.

You can trust her you see

she knows the way

to where the Angels' magic puddles

of transformation lay.

There's healing I have heard

out beyond the meadow of emerald so green.

Look over there at the rainbow puddles' glistening sheen,

the puddles initiation to saunter, tip toe or splash

into the colorful, swirling, elixir we unabashedly dash.

After being cloaked and afraid,

hiding innate gifts from sight,

there's a knock on the door of your heart

searching for truth and light.

Jumping into the healing puddles,

feels like an ancient ritual and rite.

Close your eyes, take a deep, slow, breath in,

let go and surrender

and join your child within.

Come out into the sunlight

and dance with me

into the gathering mist of rainbow colors swirling with thee.

It starts at your toes

this vortex of light

clearing, expanding, with uplifting flight.

Cherish the puddle for all it can hold

jump up and down with abandon, I'm told

Or perhaps standing still is your best bet

but allow the child within to step in and get wet.

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Beautiful words spoken from great inner wisdom.


The words that comprise Puddles of Healing verbalize some of the transformations I'm experiencing deep within and yearned for on this Earthwalk for decades.

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