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Morning Meditation: Standing in Love

Morning meditation

Begin where you are in the morning. Take the time to sit for a moment and breathe intentionally into your day. What do you want your day to look like? Ask the universe, "What do I need to know now?" Listen for the answers to come to you. Set the intention to move in that direction.

Stand grounded in your life with the purity, wisdom, and peacefulness of the white bird standing next to the pond. Nature and life are always reflecting back to us who we are and what we need. You are the creator of your life.

Energy follows thought. Here are a few affirmations/intentions you might want to try and see how they feel.


I trust in the unfolding of my life and everything is in perfect and divine order.

There is no race to the finish line. We are on a journey of expansion and evolving our souls.

I love the God/divine source within me.

I love the divine inner child within my heart that will show me the way.

I am grateful to be in the center of my life creating the life that I want.

I am grateful that all of my needs are met.

I am grateful to love and heal myself every day.

I am grateful to speak my truth with love, kindness, and clarity.

I am grateful to stand in my power. I do not give my power away.

I let go of judgments. Nothing is good or just is.

I let go of fear and transmute all fears back into love. Love is the highest vibration.

You are never alone. Go within and listen for all of the answers you need. There is nothing outside of yourself that can fill you up. Begin to love yourself and know you are never alone. You are more than enough. Get quiet, go within and call on your Angels and guides to lift you up and remember how much you are loved. Peace, love, and light. Angela

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Powerful statement that can be easily overlooked…”There’s nothing outside yourself that can fill you up.”

Thank you for the reminder. I’m using it as my mantra today.


Angela! Read each affirmation out loud and am buzzing with positivity and radiant energy. Thank you!

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