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Morning Meditation in the Garden

My morning meditation in the garden is all about intention and abundance always surrounded in love. This magical space allows me the invitation to look around and notice the magnificence and abundance of the natural world and how it surrounds me, enfolds me and enlivens me. It is a graceful melding of Mother nature's beauty and the objects that adorn my space with love and purpose. I am a part of it all and I savor each moment. I am incredibly grateful to be able to live in this abundant space that has been created with love and intention and has become a sanctuary.

I set up my meditation space on the blueish gray patio beautifully laid years ago by our son, Michael. It is tucked into the space just beneath a hill offering a bit of privacy from neighbors and near enough to hear the flowing sounds from the waterfall and fountain we built into the hill held in place by boulders. Boulders we would gather from around the neighborhood every time a hole was dug into the earth for a new home being built.

I roll out and unfold my purple yoga mat and place my purple meditation cushion down. The fact that it is the first yoga mat I have ever owned, is not lost on my awareness this morning. This mat has witnessed years of my own unfolding. It has held me rooted, grounded and supported throughout my journey into self and the expansion of my heart and soul in this lifetime. This mat has held its share of tears, sweat and surrender. I can honestly share that not all of my surrender was sweet. It is a constant and daily practice to let go and surrender and be able to gracefully walk away from things not meant for me.

A beautiful, gifted and generous friend (Thank you, little Annie) handcrafted a peace pole for me that is filled with images that speak to my spirit and have added to the serenity of my garden space. It sits near the gorgeous and abundant zinnias that are painted in hues of magenta and golden orange and adorn one edge of the patio. The larger edge of the patio is rimmed with emerald green grass that flows out thirty feet from the patio to meet the woods beyond. Each blade of grass gently holds a drop of dew on its tip and glistens from the generous rays of the sun streaming through the tree branches like a million diamonds twinkling that have been scattered on the ground before me. Ahhhhh.

The purple bell-shaped flowers blooming on the Hosta appear to be dancing. Their graceful back and forth movements are actually emanating from the busy end of summer activity of the bees who are all abuzz this morning flying in and out of each flower with a fluttering rhythm and hum that is all of their own making. They are hungrily sipping nectar and gathering up pollen. They are putting on quite a spectacular show for me and the Buddha that is nestled in amongst the dancing Hosta and the Magic Carpet Spirea. This peaceful statue is a reminder that peace is always available to me when I go within. The message from the bees this morning is never take for granted the little guy. They may be little, but they pack a tremendous punch with their sting and their life's purpose. Bees have incredibly important jobs pollinating plants for us and countless species' survival. Bees are amazing creatures with an unwavering commitment to the human collective and are symbolic for feminine energy. Whenever you are feeling small or disconnected go out and be (bee) in nature and feel your importance and connection to all of life.

I sit down on the edge of my cushion and I light a candle honoring the sacred energy of the space. Sitting on the edge of the cushion enables me to sit comfortably with a tall spine. The crown of my head faces heaven while my sitting bones are connected to earth. My legs are crossed in an easy-seated position. My knees are lower than my hips. This pose is comfortable for seated meditation and it allows the energy to flow freely up and down the spine creating an open channel of energy and connection through all of my chakras from earth to heaven and heaven to earth.

My meditation this morning is one that I am revisiting and I learned many years ago. It is guided by the late Dr. Wayne Dyer. You can find it on YouTube. It is a morning sound meditation on creating abundance. Ah is the sound of creation. I begin by breathing in and exhaling out with the sound of Ahhhhh. I practice this sound meditation for 20 minutes. Opening up the energy channel from my root chakra at the base of my spine all the way to my third eye...the point between my eyebrows...the gate that leads to inner realms, intuition and the divine feminine.

As I closed my meditation practice for the day, a deep calm and essence of unconditional love resonated within and waves of it washed over me. Chanting ahhhh out into the garden felt magical and I felt my eternal connection to all. The season is noticeably changing from summer to fall. Leaves are turning colors and falling gracefully to the ground all around. Some of the flowers are looking tired and spent while others are flourishing and their colors stand out for their last hurrah before going dormant. I find myself savoring the last bits of summer and drinking it in as hungrily as the bees drank in the nectar from the Hosta.

Angela O'Brien-Greywitt, Intuitive Mystic

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Your garden is simply beautiful ❤️

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Thank you, Kathy.

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