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Meditation Monday, April 4, 2023

Chakra Meditation

Find a quiet space

where you will not be

disturbed for a few minutes.

I invite you to light a candle

to make your space

a sacred

space to breathe and be.

A place where you

can come to meet


Allow the crown of your head

to point towards heaven

while your seat

is firmly planted in a chair

or on a cushion

resting on earth.


in through the nose

and out

through the nose.

Stretching the body long.

Relaxing with every breath.

Spine is tall.

Find a

natural rhythm to

your breath.

You may want to

roll your shoulders up on the inhale, exhale them back

and down a few times

in one direction.

Come to stillness

at your center.

Reverse the direction of

rolling your shoulders.

Inhale shoulders up, forward, and

exhale down

a few times.

Find stillness

once again at the center.

Letting go of a

any tension in the shoulders.

Imagine the tension in

your shoulders

melting away and

gently flowing down

your back.


With each breath in

you arrive

and every exhale

you relax

a little bit more

in your body.

Opening up

the conduit of energy

that runs up

your spinal column

from the base

of your spine

to the crown

of your head.

Imagine these beautiful,

rainbow chakra colors

of light and healing

energy running through


from base to crown.

They light up,

clear out stress and tension,

and heal with intention

every cell of your


Breathe deeply

in through the nose

and out through the nose.

With every breath in

you bring prana (life force).

With every breath out

you release


let go

and are able to

arrive more readily

in your body.

Observe the flow of your breath

in and out through your nose.

You don't need to control it

just allow it to flow freely and naturally,

in through your nose

and out through your nose.

Every time you inhale

you grow taller.

Every time you exhale

you sink more comfortably

into the present moment.

You become able

to draw on the deep

awareness and