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Love Is Everywhere

Love is everywhere and I feel the consciousness of all that nature encompasses. Mother Gaia is a force that is filled with love, she is steadfast, and her frequency is peace. I love you, I love you, I love you, the trees whisper into the crisp winter's air as I gently hike through the woods atop the freshly fallen snow. I pause, close my eyes and breathe deeply into this fresh air. I open my mouth and chant OM. Ah at the back of my throat, O at the top of my mouth, Mmmmm on my lips. The snowflakes land gently into my mouth, mana from heaven, as I chant OM in the woods. The sacred sound of creation.

A cloak of white, glistening, snow covers the path bringing with it a pure elegance and a certain peaceful hush to the land, trees, and water. A quiet that delights my heart and the divine child within me is dancing. I pause and breathe it in and accept the love from the forest whole-heartedly with my arms open wide. I sup this delicious nourishment of love and oxygen provided so freely to all of us from Mother Nature. She is so gracious and I am grateful for her sustenance. She has always been incredibly generous with her gifts to sustain life. I honor, respect, and cherish her abundance.

As I continue on my hike, I love the soft crunch of snow beneath my feet as they kiss the ground with each step. I gather up the loving energy from the trees into every cell of me. I whisper back, "I love you, I love you, I love you, I meander down the path through the woods, this library of wisdom and the knowledge they embody are nature's network. I touch the countless number of trees I brush past, while I hike this beautiful trail near the water's edge of Bush Lake.

The woods are filled with Oak, Birch, and Cottonwoods that soar to the heavens with trunks so wide I must throw my arms around them in a warm embrace...knowing I cannot reach my arms all the way around. As I hug the trees, I always look up to see the branches reaching out in all directions reminding me to keep branching out to what life has to offer and to keep sharing what I have to offer life.

Walking in nature helps to quiet the mind and tune into my connection to the divine source of creation and open to the flow of intuition and wisdom that is within. Nature provides an invitation, a beautiful backdrop if you will, to step or lean in and get quiet. An offer to get out of our thinking minds and to breathe deeply and freely into her love. It is her calling to us to journey forth into our hearts and listen to her healing messages that are in the atmosphere and move through all things.

Love is everywhere and in everything. Witness the miracles all around when you open your eyes to see and gaze with the eyes of love. Use your ears to hear from a deep place of listening and remembering from a place of love. Open your heart to feel the truth of nature's love and abundance.

As we reach the hidden beach at the far end of the woods, Rosie runs into the freezing cold water and plays with wild abandon. She loves the water and the woods as much as I do.

I love to sit near the water's edge, close my eyes, and listen in. There are messages held within her ripples and waves. I allow the sounds of her natural rhythm and harmony to wash over me.

Water moves through all of life and we are mostly made of water. Water gives us life and holds a high intuitive frequency of the divine feminine. She fills us with peace and tranquility just being near. Water cleanses, heals, hydrates, and reminds us to be present and in the flow with nature and in our own lives.

"Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I breathe, I dream, I surrender, and I receive. I am willing to evolve, learn, and let go of old beliefs and patterns in my life that no longer serve me. Each day we change, grow, and evolve...keep asking yourself, "Who am I now?" "Am I in the flow of my life or am I going against the stream?" It does not matter which path you follow, all water flows back to source.

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