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Love, Compassion, and Healing

As the sun shines brightly in through my windows in the colors of the rainbow, I feel embraced and bathed by the light of the seen and unseen healing energies of the world. A new day unfolds and slowly reveals itself. I breathe in deeply and am grateful to be alive.

Today, I am focusing in on the gentle, yet extremely powerful, sway of love through compassion and forgiveness for self and others.

When I meditate and pray, I ask for spiritual guidance and healing words to come through me so I may offer solace to the number of people walking through the gateway of fear right now.

Fear is everywhere and it does not serve anyone. Fear has been used to teach people to believe it will keep them safe, but it really ramps up the immune system into a fight or flight mode. Your immune system is always eavesdropping on your thoughts. Take notice of what you are thinking about. Begin to change thoughts from fearful thoughts to thoughts of love, healing, forgiveness, and compassion. Lift up your frequency from fear to love and watch your world begin to change in miraculous ways.

When fear rises up within you, your breathing becomes shallow, your body begins to tighten up and you feel contracted. You may want to run away from what you are thinking and feeling, but you don't need to run away. Besides wherever you go...there you are.

Stop, breathe deeply into your body to calm down the runaway train of thoughts and begin to feel the powerful expansion deep, conscious, breathing brings. Put all of the unhelpful thoughts, worries, and what if's into an old suitcase and drop it into a violet fire river of forgiveness. Begin to let all of the unhelpful thoughts flow down the river and let them go.

When your thoughts turn to trying to control what cannot be controlled, or heavy emotions and feelings of guilt, shame, blame, victim-consciousness, rage, or punishment roll into your awareness...put them all into old suitcases and let go of the baggage you no longer want to carry around. They are heavy and they do not help you. Send them back to the Central Soul of God in the violet fire river of forgiveness to be transformed into healing energy of love to be returned to you. Take a swim in the violet fire river to clear out anything and everything that is less than pure, unconditional love.

I wrap in love and healing compassion those who are in the, "Hurry up and wait stage," of what comes next after being newly diagnosed with an illness or those loved ones in the midst of a current health crisis. Crisis brings change. Be mindful that your souls are always guiding your journey. If you stray too far off of your path, they bring you back in ways that get your attention. Every challenge is a gift in disguise for growth. An invitation from your soul to expand out of your comfort zone and walk through the gateway into growth and healing in a new way, it is not an easy road when you are in the thick of it, but we need to feel in order to heal.

Life on earth has a way of mirroring back to us what is going on within us. I ask the Angels, Ascended Masters, and Mother Father God for healing to be gentle, swift, and for it to bring clarity and a new awareness filled with wisdom.

At the root of each and every illness there is an emotional tie. Be brave and journey deep into your illness or current challenge in life, wrap yourself in unconditional love, kindness, forgiveness, and compassion and ask, "What is this trying to teach me?" See yourself as a pure and innocent child and hold her close in love. There is no one to blame.

Let love guide you to a higher perspective. We are not here to suffer. We are here to live our lives in freedom, joy, expansion, and love. Let go of fear and allow it to rise back up to love. You are not separate from Mother Father God, the universe, or anything that exists.

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The energy coming through in the photo is amazing. Thank you. Your words of truth are perfect for so many experiences in our world today. Thank you for your beautiful healing words and energy.


Love - "there is no one to blame" was poignant. Your writing is as beautifully heart-centered as ever. Big hug to you!!!

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