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Like the Egret or Heron...I Crave Solitude

This beautiful white egret standing alone in the calm, shallow, pond reminds me of my need for solitude. Its white color symbolizes purity and peace. Its presence exudes patience, balance and tranquility. These are all qualities that nourish my existence.

I love people, but I am extremely sensitive and becoming more sensitive by the day. I require alone time to simply be in the world. In order for me to process all of the energies and feelings of others that I feel...I seek time spent in nature, quietly observing that natural rhythm of life. When I observe this gorgeous white bird...just being who it was meant to is not trying to be anything other than itself. A great reminder for me to be who I am. When I am peaceful I can ask myself, "What is it that I need to know right now?" I allow the answers come naturally.

Peace finding that within.

Angela O'Brien-Greywitt, Intuitive Mystic

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I think I know this white egret 💗

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