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Life is a Dance

Forget not that the earth delights

to feel your bare feet

and the winds long to play with your hair.

- Kahlil Gibran

I live and love the deep and profound words of this beautiful poem written by Kahlil Gibran. His message is pure with a childlike love, playfulness and innocence. Reminds us of our direct connection to the divine through our inner child and mother earth. I envision the bare feet on the earth to be dancing. Life is a dance and we get to choose how to rhythmically move and express ourselves in this life. I say, keep dancing!

There will be times where we prance, frolic, and leap through the dance with ease and grace and other times where we trip and fall or we may even try to sidestep the challenges. Everything we feel, sense, know and experience in our life stories are dance steps that guide us along the path. Each step is essential and assists us in finding our own rhythm and our own unique, creative, expression with strength, courage, faith, forgiveness, gratitude and love for the dance.

We gather up with gratitude all the various steps we dance in life...those that nourish and nurture us and even those we can let go of that no longer serve us...each had a purpose or a lesson to teach us. Pause and get in touch with the divine inner child that lives in your heart and she/he will remind you how to dance, frolic and stride gracefully through your life. There will always be up's and downs in life because we are here to learn lessons that help us evolve and transform everything back into the highest vibration which is love. Get your homework done and keep dancing no matter what your pace happens to be.

I think of the words in this poem when I walk barefoot out into my garden in the morning and feel the dew on the grass between my toes. Often times I find myself out in the garden and I am still in my jammies as if I were a child meandering through the paths that feed my heart. I listen to the sounds of nature all around me that bring me joy.

I turn on the hose and I fill up the birdbath and the fountains with fresh, clean water for the birds to drink and splash in. Notice the red cardinal bathing in the 2nd tier of my fountain? I greet the day, every plant, tree, rabbit, bird, with love and gratitude. I say, "Thank you for gracing my garden with your beauty, joy and abundance. Run and fly fast so Rosie (My sweet, Vizsla that loves to hunt...can't catch you)!"

I spend a great deal of time in my garden because the season is short. I notice the colors, textures, and growth of each flower, plant and weed. I make sure the flowers are getting the right amount of sunlight or shade that they require for optimal growth and health. They are my babies after all. I give them space to grow and I nurture them the best way I know how and leave the rest up to the unseen power of mother earth to do the rest. We make a great team.

I bend down and begin to pull a few weeds here and there. They so easily come up out of the wet earth that has been saturated. Mother Gaia has been watering the landscape quite frequently this spring. I am so grateful for her showers. The drops fall from the sky so generously and quench the thirst of every plant, flower, tree, each blade of grass and all of her creatures. No one is left out or judged for drinking too much. She does not distinguish which plants and animals deserve water and which do not. My sprinkling system has nothing on mother earth.

I get swept up in the garden and lose all track of time. The birds are singing. The leaves and branches on the trees are swaying in the wind and making their own sweet music when they rub up against each other high up in their canopies. I drink in the sweet nectar from the lilac tree and lilac bush that just blossomed. Their heady scent floats in on the gentle breeze creating an intoxicating smell that is only here for a few weeks each spring. I drink it in. The smell reminds me of my childhood and invites me deeper into the garden to stay a bit longer.

I go over to the beautiful and a bit hidden, garden shed my husband built for me that is tucked under the steps of the deck of our walkout house. This little gem of a shed has a magnificent lavender door with an iron door knocker shaped like an angel. (I always knock a few times greeting the garden angels.) He added a little window and window box that I fill with flowers every year. I find my garden tools. I grab a shovel and I walk back to the garden and begin to dig up and split a few variegated Hosta and plant them along the garden path. Before long, I am covered from head to toe in mud. How much time has passed?

My husband came outside looking for me. He sees me in my p.j.'s and just shakes his head. This isn't the first time and it certainly will not be the last time he finds me in the garden covered in mud, barefoot, not wearing the knee pads or gloves he has purchased for me and has tried without success to talk me into wearing them. I hadn't planned on digging in the dirt...

My light colored jammies are spattered with mud. There is mud in my hair, all over my hands, toes and feet...all are caked in mud and I am in heaven. Spring in Minnesota is a glorious gift to receive after a long, cold, winter. Time in the garden heals the memory of getting covid in January. The garden is my little piece of heaven as I walk on earth.

When you do things

from your soul,

you feel a river moving in you,

a joy. - Rumi

Angela O'Brien-Greywitt, Intuitive Mystic

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I can so relate to getting lost in the garden and losing time AND asking mother earth to care for everything growing. Loved the water fall and cardinal.


Thank you for sharing your beautifully described heavenly garden 🌸


Thank you for this beautiful reminder of where beauty lies and how to connect with it simply! You are living such a rich life! Thank you for sharing it!

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