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Let's Do This

Rosie is my furry angel, always present, always loving and my constant companion. When I roll out my yoga mat she is there. Perhaps you may have noticed her paw gently resting on my mat inviting me to get on it...Let's Do This...her gaze does beckon me forward into my practice.

I have often heard the phrase D o g is G o d spelled backwards. I agree. Unconditional love is her error is human to forgive is canine (or divine).

She has been a witness to the subtle shifts that have taken place within me when I practice yoga, mindfulness and meditation. When I am calm, she is calm. When I practice yoga in my home and in my garden I am creating space that is sacred and it raises the vibration of energy in me and around me. I like to think the energy hangs in the drapes and on the walls and gathers in the floorboards and lights up my space.

When I breathe and move in a conscious way with gratitude, compassion and an open heart space...messages are sent from my heart and inform my body which chemicals to release that awaken powerful healing and create a peaceful awareness.

The opposite is true when you send messages from your brain/heart of jealousy, guilt, shame, hatred, and anger. These thoughts and emotions produce shallow breathing and send chaotic and jagged signals that are harmful to the body and release the stress chemicals of adrenaline and cortisol. We have the power of choice and awareness to shift how we respond to life.

I set an intention (prayer of the heart) to guide each and every day. When I become quiet and tune in to my inner landscape, my heart's intuitive wisdom, I feel the presence of spirit guides and my soul. I can feel, sense and know the connection between the physical world and the spiritual world. I choose love and I choose light. I choose to open my heart wide unto life and live from that space.

Angela O'Brien-Greywitt, Intuitive Mystic

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Beautifully said 💚


Love imagining the energy hanging from your draps! Another beautiful POST! ox !!

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