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“It’s impossible,”

Said pride.

“It’s risky’”

Said experience.

“It’s pointless,”

Said reason.

“Give it a try,”

Whispered the heart.


I woke up this morning with the word inspiration in my head. The cell phone is so handy and close by. I decided to look up the definition of inspire and one definition said, “Inspire means to excite, encourage, or breathe life into ( As I walked downstairs to brew a few cups of coffee and while it brewed, I thought about what I "breathe life into" and all of the things that ignite inspiration in me.

I stood and watched the beautiful sunrise out my window. I am always inspired to breathe deeply as I look out in nature. I never tire of the view out my back windows. The sky looks different every day. This morning’s colors of coral, pink, and orange fill the sky as the sun rises on the horizon in the East. I can see it blazing through the silhouettes of the bare branches on the trees standing rooted in the snow in the woods beyond my home. The sky is lighting up the day and there is motion in the backyard.

I am amazed at the dexterity of the squirrels climbing and jumping from branch to branch and at the speed with which the birds fly through the trees. There are rabbits nibbling, sometimes there are deer resting in the woods. Rosie, my Vizsla and constant companion, also watches out the window. Her entire body quivers and trembles as all of her senses are heightened by what she can see, feel, sense and smell. She is jumping vertically at the sliding door to get out there and chase anything and everything that moves. She is a hunting dog and that is her instinct.

Every seed, plant, tree, animal, bird, all life forms in nature knows what they are meant to do. It is humans that forget and constantly question what is our purpose? What did we come here to do? Take some time and think about what inspires you. What kind of vocation would you do if you could do anything? What do you “breathe into”?

There are countless things that inspire me. I am drawn to the beauty and peacefulness I find in nature. I find limitless inspiration in words written, spoken and sung. I love to read books, quotes, handwritten letters, any and all words that provoke inspiration or stir deep emotions. I enjoy sharing my writing, gardening, yoga and meditation practices, and my life experiences that have gotten me to this moment. I enjoy learning about all things that can heal and I love to inspire others. Hopefully, I am planting seeds or helping nurture seeds that are already deep within your consciousness that have yet to break through, grow and flourish. I came here to teach and share with humanity how to lift up their vibration. Teachers cannot give you the truth that already resides within you. They can help awaken you to your innate wisdom.

There are artists from all professions who are doing what they are meant to do. It doesn’t matter what your calling is: just share and you serve humanity whether you paint, sketch, draw, sculpt, weave, make jewelry, make music, teach, act, sing, dance, run, are an athlete, comic, builder, healer, doctor, nurse, attorney, para, sales, realtor, writer, yogi, gardener, psychic, shaman. There are unlimited ways in which to inspire creativity, honor, allow and accept the gifts you have been born with and share them with someone.

Acts of kindness and generosity have always inspired me and I always shed a few tears when I witness the level of depth and love with which we are capable of sharing and caring for each other. The possibilities to share innate gifts with the world are eternal and never-ending.

When you look into your heart and listen to what it has to say. You can find what you are meant to be doing with this precious life in this magnificent world. Your life will be forever changed. It is when work ceases to be work and you find yourself smiling, filled with energy and you love what you are doing. You lose track of time. You no longer have the need or desire to look to Friday night or the weekend to celebrate your life. You stop dreading Sunday nights and begin to look forward to Monday mornings. Every day is amazing and you continue to move in the direction of your calling. Your awareness shifts and the world magically opens up and you are awake to what it means to be on purpose, in the flow, connected to all there is. Your vibration lifts. Surrender to the universe and let go of the need to know what comes next.

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2 comentários

What an amazing gift, your writing! To read your beautiful "inspiring" words brings me great joy!


Wow,wow,wow. I was right there with you in this whole entire post. You have a gift of taking life’s normal routine and revealing the exquisite beauty wonderfully packaged in heavenly delight. Thank you!

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