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Heart = Earth

We are deep in snow here in Minnesota. I came across a few pictures from my garden that I wanted to share. Spring will be here soon, but just in case you needed a reminder on the beauty and color of spring. Here are a few hearts I found in nature.

When I am present whilst out in nature, I have come upon many heart-shaped objects, gracefully presented and offered freely by Mother Earth. I have found heart-shaped rocks, heart-shaped clouds, heart-shaped wood, heart-shaped melting snow. One beautiful spring day, I found this emerald green sedum coming up through the ground in my garden.

Mother earth is sending us messages of love all the is our job to notice and be grateful for her gifts. She takes care of us, nurtures us, and perhaps she is trying her best to get our attention by leaving hearts everywhere for us to find. She is reminding us to stay in the present moment, we are always loved and to live from our heart space.

Your heart always knows the answers. Listen to your heart and she will guide you with knowing and feeling into the next step you need to take in your life.

When I sit down to write, my intentions are always to have the highest truth and highest vibrations of love infused into each and every word so they may touch my readers deeply in their own hearts. A place where the light of healing and transformation may take opening...a shift in perspective. Even if it is just a little bit. We all start to heal where we are in the moment.

Healing begins within each and everyone of us. Healing truly is an inside job, but remember what we heal inside of ourselves and in our lives --- also heals each person in our family and in the world because we are all connected in oneness. It is a truly magical and beautiful experience to begin to live from your heart and know we are all connected through our heart space.

Take the time to slow down, look inward and allow an infusion of the energy of love and the healing power of forgiveness to bring healing into each and every cell of you. Breathe in love and forgiveness and breathe out and let go of all of the things you have been holding onto that no longer serve...or quite possibly never truly served you. The healing begins with each breath and with each intention we set to love and forgive.

Send the healing breath to your heart first and ask that your heart send out messages of healing on the hundreds of rivers of energy that flow within your body. These rivers of energy are called nadis in yoga and meridians in Chinese medicine. You can set the intention to send out the healing power of love and forgiveness into any place in your body that might need some loving attention.

Allow the breath to go everywhere within you where you might be feeling a constriction. Asking it to soften, to let go, to release, any and all stories that you might be gripping or holding onto. Release it all on the out breath. The out breath feeds the trees, the grasses, the plants in a beautiful cycle giving back to the plants our carbon dioxide that is needed in order for them to create oxygen for all of us to breathe in life. Oneness.

I have to remind myself to use these tools, too. They work. You will always be able to make better decisions and choices from a calm place rather than an agitated, anxious or constricted place within your body. Breathe deeply and know that you are healing yourself and the earth.

Thank you mother earth for providing us with everything we need.

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