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Friends (Poem)


Friends show up in our lives

For many a reason

Some stay for life

Others just a season

Each one has come

Into my mind as of late

A poem of memories

I felt the need to create

With a thankful heart

For all that we did

I will start with friends

I had as a kid

With talents

and gifts to share

Each is a jewel

That is quite rare

Childhood friends

I played with

for hours on end

At home and at school

The rules sometimes

we did bend

Climbing trees and trails hiked

Swimming at the beach

To get there we walked

ran or biked

The elementary years

In school were great

The bonds that were built

I know it was fate

Onto the junior high school

I was shy and so thin

It pains me to say

I didn’t quite fit in

Friends started to change and mature

At an alarming rate

My parents rule for me

I had to be16 before I could date

As I look back

On that rule of theirs

I can finally understand

the need to wait

High school friends

Were another level of divine

Experiences of dances, games

And cheerleading spirit

The freedom to grow

And to stretch and to be

some drank too much beer

and too much wine, not me

I drove them home when

they drank too much

The responsibility I placed

upon my shoulders as such

College friends are few

But beautiful and deep

Their friendships outlasted most

I cherished and longed to keep

Coworkers I loved

they made going to work

such a pleasure

The best friends I met were

from CFS

and HOMS

I always shall treasure

We open our hearts

with trust and we love

And know friends are angels

Sent from above

Friends walk beside us

And do it with grace

Some make us laugh

Until our bodies ache

Emitting strange noises

you just can’t fake

Some have the ability

to lift up despair

And let us know

They will always be there

Friends know by one look

in our eyes

Or hear in our voice

Feelings we

can’t begin to disguise

The roller coaster of emotions

The need for a chat

Not all friends are created equal

And can handle all that

I have friends I must thank

For sharing coffee

a libation

or tea

Yoga classes


and playing

With me

Remember each friend

fits perfectly in place

Into the puzzle of your life

And the collective human race

I have always been gifted

with the ability to discern

What friendships to nurture

And which to let go of and learn

You can look in their eyes

Search their heart

and their soul

Trust your gut instincts

That is their role

Lift up your hearts

And dance with me

Celebrate your friends

For helping you clarify

What it is to be

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1 Comment

Beautiful my friend! I see my friendship there with you.

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