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Carry Me, Carry Me, Carry Me, Home

I was in a meditative state of mind when I first heard these words drift into my awareness...carry me, carry me, carry me, home. My thoughts were quiet and my heart space was at peace and open. It was like a message coming in words spoken in a dream, but I was awake. The words floated in softly and left almost as quickly as they had arrived, but they left a spiritual residue for me to ponder.

Carry has many meanings and synonyms like sustain, support, bear, or it can act like a bridge transporting something from one place to another. What was I being asked to carry or was it bridging communication between my humanity and the spiritual world?

Perhaps, my soul was bringing these words forward and invoking some kind of ancient wisdom or mystical message that has yet to unfold completely to my ego. I must allow the words to simply flow through me. When words or thoughts come to me like this, an inspiration or creative spark to write about them is often ignited. Whether they are messages from my soul, angels, or guides it doesn't truly matter. I feel into the words and lean in for a closer look to seek clarity. I must be patient and await what messages are being divulged. I can only access this information from a peaceful state of mind where I am open to receive images, feelings, or a deeper sense of knowing.

We are constantly being given signs, symbols, and synchronicities in our daily lives. We are constantly being asked to wake up, notice, and to stop sleep walking through life. Songs on the radio might reveal words you might need to hear exactly when you need to hear them. Or you might be thinking of someone and then your phone rings or you get a text message from that person you were just wondering about. It is up to us to slow down from the busyness of our lives and to pay attention to the subtle or sometimes not so subtle messages that are so freely offered to us from the spiritual realm of angels, guides, and ascended masters. Their messages are filled with love, honesty, and light. They are here to support us and to provide divine guidance. We are never alone.

As I was writing this morning, I was still a wee bit unclear on what the message, "carry me," meant. Right on cue, the angels sent me a message. Every few minutes the website would glitch and give me the message, "Please check your internet connection and refresh the page." It happened over and over again. There was nothing wrong with my internet connection. Then Rosie (my fur angel) got into the act and jumped onto the back of my office chair. She stands on her hind legs and she does a tap dance on my upper back with her front paws to get me out of the chair. Apparently, I needed to get up, move, and shift my energy because the writing wasn't flowing.

It was clear that I needed a break from my writing and it took me more than a few hints. Instead of getting completely frustrated because my writing wasn't going according to, "my plan." I got up from my desk, grabbed Rosie's leash to take her for a walk...or more aptly put, she took me for a walk. Nature to the rescue. We got in the car to drive to Sunset Pond. I needed a little persuasion from the angels and the dog to get outside, breathe, and surrender control of not knowing the answers.

As I am backing out of the driveway, I turn on the radio and I love to listen to music because like nature, it moves me. The first song to play is, Lotta Love, by Nicolette Larson..."It's gonna take a lot of love to change the way things are." The next selection up was Everyday a song by James Taylor..."a love like yours would surely come my way." I listen to the lyrics and they touch me. They are singing about romantic love, but the vibration of love carries all of us.

Ah, the gift of another glorious fall day in Minnesota. I am so grateful. I stopped on my walk to drink it all in and gaze up at this beautiful small grove of Aspen trees pictured above. The backdrop of a very blue sky with white clouds, the golden leaves that seem to be lit from within, and the white and black bark together is quite intoxicating. I felt compelled to capture a short video of the leaves shimmering in the sunlight and the sound of the leaves quaking in the breeze. The sound is quite peaceful and very similar to gently flowing water or sweet whispers of love from the trees. I let the sounds wash over me.

Lower down on the trees there are eyes that seem to gaze upon the world...I wonder to myself, what do they see...or what have they witnessed? They remind me of the all-seeing eye of Horus from ancient Egypt. It is a symbol for healing into wholeness, protection, and well-being. Trees, plants, and all of nature have an intelligence and an innate ability to heal us with their vibrations of love. Just take a walk out in nature, breathe, and be. Nature helps us center, calm down, and lift up. It helps change our perspective.

Listening to the sounds of the trees whispering reminds me of a SoundAscending session I recently had with Katy Samwell. She used singing bowls, wind and water chimes, drums, singing, chanting, among other instruments during our session. It was a very healing and magical experience.

She shared with me before our session began, "healing sounds have a way to bypass the mind and get deep into our cells where vibration and frequency resonate and brings all of our bodies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies) back into balance." You can't see the sound healing or touch it, but you can feel, hear, and sense it's resonance and the vibrational shift that has taken place within your body.

As I stop and listen to the aspen trees, their sound is also healing and magically call back the words, carry me, carry me, carry me, home. Like a loving mantra or the rhythm of my own beating heart. What was my soul nudging me to remember that I carry home in my heart? My heart knows the answers. She beats with the love I feel for all of creation and she is the voice of my soul. I feel the inkling, the glimmering of understanding of what carry me, carry me, carry me, home is.

It is the vibration of love that surrounds all of us and lights us from the inside out. I can call on the power of nature and all of divine oneness and carry that love with me all the time in my heart and share it with every other heart in the world...for we beat together as one. I am being reminded that I carry within me all that I need.

As I continue on the walking path, I pause to witness a staggering amount of seeds floating by me. It looks like it is snowing, but it is not snow. It's a million seeds that have been put to flight that float out in all directions on the wind and carried somewhere else to begin life anew. I can send out seeds of love, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness and awareness. Love in the form of healing words that I write or speak. Words that I have embodied and carried in my heart that have changed and healed my life in countless ways. I can disburse these words out into the world to land near or far in destinations uncharted and not yet known to be planted where they might organically grow, flourish, and thrive.

I whisper, "I love you," in my thoughts and send those thoughts of love out unbeknownst to those I encounter as I walk passed them. I openly say, "I love you and thank you to the trees, the water, the plants, and all of the animals for sharing their love energy and their natural ability to flow with all of life.

I feel the love that is carried on the rays of the sun. The sun shares its warm, nourishing, light with all of life and given so freely. I see the rays shining down and the hundreds of diamond sparkles on top of the water reflecting that love back up to the sun.

I hear the message of love and gratitude carried in the whispering of the green and yellow prairie grasses that sway and rustle near the edge of the pond next to the dark brown cattails that are also bursting forth with seeds. Cattails are often referred to as the, "supermarket of the swamp," they graciously share themselves with people because they are edible and can be used for many practical, even medicinal purposes. They provide shelter and food for many species of animals. These marshy grasses are filled with birds that are flying, nesting, and singing their own unique songs of love and gratitude for nature's generosity.

The message of love and abundance is carried in the 1,000's of acorns that have fallen from the mighty oak trees and are gathered tirelessly by the scatter-hoarding squirrels. Seeds to be carried, stored, and savored at another time during the winter months. Whether the acorns were meant for food consumption or were hidden so well and had become abandoned. The generous hard-working squirrels inadvertently planted oak trees for future generations to enjoy...that's hard-working love right there that keeps on giving.

I feel the love and magnificence carried on the wings of the eagles that soar high above me in the bright, blue sky. Eagles invite us to look up towards heaven, to view life from a higher perspective and remember our connection to the divine. Eagles remind us to stay focused, push farther, reach higher as we embody freedom, truthfulness, and courage. They encourage us to be stewards of the land, air, and water.

Try it the next time you are in a busy box store shopping (Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner and the perfect time to practice). STOP take a DEEP BREATH IN, and send out a silent, "I love you," to everyone you encounter. Send it to the people who are rushing all around you in the parking lot. Send love to all the people in the store entrance while you are trying to get a cart, to every person in every aisle you walk passed, every person in line waiting to check out at the same time. See if you feel a shift in your energy or the energy of the crowd. Love is powerful. You have the powerful tools within you to change the and breath.

The words carry me, carry me, carry me, home mean sharing my love and light with the world in a myriad of ways. I can carry and share words, gestures, prayers and intentions. I send them on the angel airwaves through my thoughts. I don't need to know the mystery of how the energy is lifted and carried. I just know that it works.

On my walk, I was reminded that all of nature is conspiring together with us and they share their love and light constantly. We are surrounded by a vibration of love that is vast in this universe and some of it is seen and some of it is unseen. We are never alone. We are always surrounded, connected, and protected by loving beings. When you awaken to this knowing deep within your own heart your life will change in countless ways.

Angela O'Brien-Greywitt, Intuitive Mystic

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Thank you for sharing your beautiful wisdom! How you articulate the process of taking in and interpreting the messages from spirit all around us is amazing! 💜


Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience and mostly for reminding me to pay attention to that wee small voice and the creative miraculous signs from the angels. I too can choose to live in Heaven here on Earth.

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