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Beloved Child

I had a dream the other night of a happy, little, girl running in a direction away from me and into the woods. She was definitely running to some magical place that seemed familiar; she knew the way. She kept glancing over her shoulder at me, giggling, and inviting me to follow her. I could not see her face clearly. I can see her long brown hair flying freely and unrestrained down her back. Her wild mane floats in slow motion behind her and frames her face as she turns and looks back at me for another moment.

I catch a glimpse of her face and I see a twinkle in her green eyes that hold the spark. She looks so familiar. There is a fire within her that allows her to run freely towards her dreams as she ventures deeper into the woods searching for truth and freedom. She giggles and laughs out loud as she steps nimbly over fallen tree trunks and branches with nary a misstep.

She has the grace of an angel. She gently touches the moss covered tree trunks with love and affection and wraps her tiny arms around the biggest tree in the forest. She hugs it with her whole body as she presses her heart up against the tree's massive trunk and she can feel the tree's heartbeat. The tree fills her up to overflowing with love. She turns her head to look up towards the light rays of the sun shining down through the canopy. She has found her center. She is in the midst of a fairy ring of trees. She is encircled in love by these tree angels that have created a fairy ring just for her. She is home. She can breathe and be.

I woke up with a smile on my face. What a magical dream. I keep a journal and pen on my nightstand near my bed. When I wake up, I quickly jot down all of the details I recall before they vanish. The dream of the little girl lingers in my mind. More details spill forth from the dream...I can see flashes of white as she ducks in and out of the trees. She is dressed in a simple, white, cotton, shift dress. It hangs loosely from her shoulders to her knees on her waif-like frame. She runs barefoot through the sanctuary of trees and doesn't stop running until she comes to a gentle, flowing, brook that meanders through the trees and moss covered floor of the forest. She sits down to pause on a giant, flat, rock speckled with crystals. It, too, is covered in emerald green moss and perfectly placed near the water for her to rest and take a sip of the clean water that quenches her thirst. She is safe and protected in these magical, mystical, woods. She is home.

This dream woke me up in more ways than one. It reminded me of me as a child and how much I loved climbing trees, running wild, barefoot, and free in the woods. I could stay outdoors in a tree for hours at a time, playing, creating stories, and reading. The dream was a reminder to tap into the divine child that dwells in my heart. A reminder to always trust my Little Angie...She has all of the answers. She is the writer, the storyteller, the painter, the gardener, the creator of a happy childhood then, now, and always.

It doesn't matter how old you are or how young you are. It is time for magic to be invited back into your life and for you to reclaim that child inside of you. Open up that creative vault in your heart that longs to be shared with the world. Let go of the judges, the what if's, and the not enoughs. Let go of the FEAR that holds you back or tells you that you are not creative. We are all creative beings. When you move towards using your creative energy watch your life change in miraculous ways. Pure magic is available to all. That magic is our sacred energy.

We are born with that wisdom of creative genius in our hearts. A spark of creativity that can either be nurtured or extinguished and somewhere along the line it gets dulled down or tamped out. Life gets busy with all of the doing, all the shoulds, and all of the responsibilities we place upon our weary shoulders. We are conditioned to believe our logical mind is the only part of us that matters.

Light up that spark within you and see what you can create. Write a poem, sing a song, paint, or dance. The time is now to create a new chapter in your story. Trust your own divine child inside will guide you. If you have difficulty picturing your divine child within...go find a picture of yourself when you were a very, young, child and you will find her/him. Be that brave soul you were as a child and begin to play again. Play, write, paint, dance, create like no one is watching or will ever see it.

I watch my grandchildren and they are filled with the magic of living in the moment. When they paint...they paint. There are no judges. They use all of the colors, they mix them up, they paint with their paint brushes, fingers, and their entire hands. They go through lots, and lots, and lots of paper. Their whole body is moving to the rhythm of creating.

Just last night, my grandson, Brooks (3 years old) started belting out a song while he was painting at the kitchen counter with his older brother and sister. He put his paintbrush in the green paint and while he dabbed paint all over the paper as he sang, "Walking, walking, everywhere. Walking, walking, everywhere. I joined in and made up lyrics, too...Walking, walking, everywhere.

Walking where?...I don't care. Painting, painting footprints there. Bubbles, bubbles, pop in air. Walking with a bear...don't despair...your grandma's got gray hair! Giggles erupted from all of us.

Celebrate your life it is happening NOW.

Angela O'Brien-Greywitt, Intuitive Mystic

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Thanks for the inside smiles.


Wow wow!!! Beautiful. And yes. The freedom to embrace that little me inside and allow childish delight through keeps me alive and open. What’s gift life brings!!! Thank you for the clarity and the encouragement!!

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